I found 2 places where the scene can glitch and cost you the trophy for the level as well as the platinum at the end.

First place is in Chapter 3, just after you first encounter the Black Ooze the will consume you if your not careful there is a scene that will appear just as you come across the Ratz nest. If you Die before you make it the surface it will start you back just before the Ratz nest but it skips the scene, that is what costs most people the trophy in this level, make a save just after the Black Ooze so that if this happens you can reload the scene and try it again.

The Second place is in Chapter 4, just after you set up the tow truck for the jump, a swarm of Vampirz will take Sarah away. You're first instinct will be to go into 1st person view and shoot them, DO NOT DO THIS. I've tested this several times and if you stay in 1st person view mode through that scene it will skip the second scene where a Humanz pops up and tell Edward whats yours is mine. Don't get in a vehicle till after that either that too will skip the scene. Just stay in 3rd person and wait for both scenes to end. Save just as you arrive in that area so if the glitch occurs you can start over.

That's all I have for now, I've not found any other catastrophic glitches other than these but if anyone knows of any other feel free to list them on this thread to warn others and save them a second play through. Please keep in mind that levels can't be redone in Episode select to achieve all scenes trophy, they need to be done in 1 story mode play through.