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Trophy Trouble

This is a discussion on Trophy Trouble within the Alpha Protocol forum, part of the A; Hi, I'm only missing out on one last Trophy. It is the Judge Jury and Executioner one. Spoilers obviously will ...

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    Trophy Trouble


    I'm only missing out on one last Trophy. It is the Judge Jury and Executioner one. Spoilers obviously will follow as part of my question

    I think I killed everyboby that you should kill, but maybe I didn't try the right combination at the end .. here's my ("kill")list:

    - Nasri
    - Shaheed (Saudi Arabia)
    - SIS
    - Albatross
    - Brayko
    - Surkov
    - Jibril (Sniper)
    - Gelato Shop Guy
    - St. Claire (decided to go for the bomb, therefor ...)
    - Marburg (Museum)
    - Präsiden Sung (saved the Riot data)
    - Omen Deng

    I have good relations with Scarlett and Mina (I romanced the latter), the last save I have is before the Endgame and I can visit Scarlett or not before heading to the last mission. I'm not sure if I forgot one combination (Darcy is the only one you have to kill no matter what you decide to do, Parker can be pursuaded to work with/for you and if you join Leland, you can either save/kill/leave Mina in the room she's being held ... although the latter is the same as killing her yourself) ...

    If you can help it'd be much appreciated ... actually if you have a save game I could use, that is before the final fight (either Westridge or Leland) with full pistol and stealth, where I would get this final trophy would even be better ..

    Thanks in advance

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    Although there seem to be a number of different solutions for this trophy, I got it by having a negative rep (-10) with Mina going into 'Endgame'. Its easy to build this by killing guards at the CIA listening post in Rome, or by killing Police in Taipei.

    During 'Infiltrate Alpha Protocol', go after Mina when given a choice, and there should be an additional option to 'leave her' tied to a chair. This counts as killing her.

    Re: Parker, I believe he also needs to be killed.....he was in my playthrough anyway.

    Championchik (Surkovs bodyguard) is not mentioned above. You need to kill him to proceed with the mission 'Prevent Surkovs Escape'. However, make sure you use guns, not CQC on him, as Ive heard one report of this possibly affecting the trophy.

    As for Scarlett, I had Steven Heck as my handler for 'Infiltrate Alpha Protocol' (+10 rep, although I dont think it matters). I was neutral with Scarlett, avoided visiting her before the final mission, and didnt go to the interrogation room she is held in. During the final battle with Leland, I spared him which caused Scarlett to shoot me, and reveal herself as the assassin. I signalled for Heck to execute her, and then finished off Leland. Despite Westridge not appearing during the final mission, the trophy popped.

    Hope this helps, I found this link much more useful as a trophy guide.
    Judge, Jury, and Executioner Achievement in Alpha Protocol
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