We have expectations of our members upholding pride and dignity in being members of these forums. You are expected to understand and abide by the following rules. They are nothing out of the ordinary, so we appreciate everyone being responsible and respectful.

These rules and regulations do not just cover the forum, they are site-wide.

[top]Posting Rules

[top]No Spam

Threads or posts created by members that include irrelevant or useless material for the purpose of increasing their own post count or advertising for another site will not be allowed. Please stay relevant to the forum and community.

[top]No Harassment

Harassment towards another member, which is not limited to personal attacks on race, gender, religious views, or knowledge, is strictly prohibited. There is no need to be rude and disrespectful. If you feel the need to be disrespectful, take it to some other community as it is not welcomed here.

Do not respond to harassment. Instead, use the 'Report Post' icon, found at the bottom left of every members post. If you receive harassing private messages, they too can be reported via the icon..

[top]No Trolling

Trolling which is the posting of unsubstantiated negative commentary intended solely to annoy or offend other users and is designed to attract predictable responses or 'flames' is not allowed. This may include posts of why consoles or games suck with weak or no valid reasoning.

[top]No Adult Material

Adult material that include obscenity or pornography in images or written context will not be allowed. Many members of the community can be underage, so we wish for the forum to remain family-friendly.

[top]No Piracy

Piracy that include warez and torrents that link to copyrighted material(s) is considered illegal and strictly prohibited. Any activity of piracy will result in the strictest punishment.

[top]No Non-Proper English Posts

Posting in foreign, "1337", or other made-up languages will not be allowed, since it will be incomprehensible to the majority of members to understand. All posts by members should be in proper English. If you must post in non-proper English, do it in the Forum Games section.

[top]No Illegal Activity Discussion

The forum is hosted and operated in the United States, so we want to follow the laws to the best we can. So please, discussion about illegal activities is prohibited. Until the activity is deemed lawful by the government, discussion should be limited. We know many members may not agree with the laws on some issues, but it's the only way to keep the forum more family-minded.

[top]No Site Feature Abuse

The site and forum have many features that work off of user input. Any member that is seen abusing these features by submitting malicious or false input will have their privileges revoked. These features include private messaging, reporting posts, tagging, social groups, albums, user reputation, Chat Box, and user trading reviews.

[top]No Challenging/Attacking Staff

The forums are kept in order by a number of moderators. If you feel something was done wrong by a staff member, please bring it to that staff members attention via Private Message as opposed to on the public forum.

Allowing members to directly challenge a staff member's authority on the public boards undermines the integrity of the site. Therefore, if a member has an issue with a staff member, send a Private Message to the Administrators. Your complaints will be reviewed and action taken where needed.

Criticism publicly of how they perform their duties will not be tolerated and is only the concern of the Administrators.

[top]No Advertising

We prohibit posting advertisements for other websites in posts or signatures.

[top]No Referral Systems

Members are not allowed to post referral links to other sites in their posts or signatures, even if the site is claimed to work. This include sites where people click or sign up to help a person receive free merchandise.

[top]No Multiple Account Registration

Account registration is limited to one account per person. If we deem that you are registering multiple accounts, you may face a suspension or permanent IP ban from this website depending on the circumstances. If you would like to change your username, contact an Administrator and we will happily do that for you.

[top]Game Sharing

Game sharing, the swapping of account information to download other user's downloaded content from the PlayStation Network, is not allowed anywhere on this site. Do not ask any members of these forums to game share, it will result in an infraction and banning if pursued further.


Discussion of a game's story line in specifics might ruin someone's experience of a game when they play it. So if you are going to talk about specific parts in a game that could ruin a gamers experience with the game, please be proactive in keeping the environment spoiler-free from unintended eyes. The following steps should be taken:

  1. Keep spoiler discussion out of the ChatBox.
  2. If creating a thread, prefix the word *SPOILER* to the thread title.
  3. Put all spoilers within spoiler BB code. [spoiler]Spoiler goes here.[/spoiler].

[top]Signature Rules

Signatures are allowed under any post of a member. They must also abide by the posting rules listed.

[top]Signatures Size

Signatures may contain one or more images whose combined height and width do not exceed the max size limit of 500px width by 250px height. This max size limit encompasses your whole signature, including text, images, etc. The file size per image may not exceed 150kb. The entire signature must not exceed 300kb total, images in spoilers and all.

[top]Avatar Rules

Avatars must also abide by the posting rules listed.

[top]Avatar Size

Avatars height and width must not pass the max size limit of 120 pixels high by 120 pixels wide. The file size per image may not exceed 100kb.

[top]Content Submission

Please read the Content Submission Guidelines found on the website.

Please note, the violation of these rules by members, will result in an infraction. These rules will be upheld by our forum Administrators and Moderators based on their personal judgment.


[top]Infraction System

The Infraction System allows Administers and Moderators to regulate members who violate forum rules in a fair way. A point system is used, and once a member receives a certain amount of infraction points, their account will be suspended for a certain amount of time listed below.

User Infraction Penalties

Below is a list of the infraction penalties. The expires label denotes how long the points will remain with a user before being removed. The warning label states whether a Moderator may give a warning, for minor instances only, at their discretion, instead of penalizing with points. Warnings carry no weight on you being suspended, but all members should follow the warning since it could turn into an infraction if you do not follow its advice.

Offence: Insulted Other Member(s)
Points: 2
Expires: 2 Months

Offence: Signature Rule Violation
Points: 2
Expires: 2 Months

Offence: Inappropriate Language
Points: 2
Expires: 2 Months

Offence: Useless Spamming
Points: 2
Expires: 2 Months

Offence: Trolling
Points: 2
Expires: 2 Months

Offence: Inappropriate Material
Points: 2
Expires: 2 Months

Offence: Site Feature Abuse
Points: 2
Expires: 2 Months

Offence: Game Sharing
Points: 5
Expires: 2 Months

Offence: Spammed Advertisements
Points: 3
Expires: 2 Months

Offence: Attacking Staff
Points: 5
Expires: 6 Months

Automatic Banning

The following displays how many points an unscrupulous member needs before being banned:

3 points, suspended for 3 Days
5 points, suspended for 7 Days
7 points, suspended for 1 Month
10 points, Permanent Ban

Members may not create more than one account or use another account to bypass their suspension/banning. Doing so will worsen your offense. It is best to serve you suspension and return to the forum when it is over.

Admins reserve the right to bypass the automatic banning system and manually ban user accounts that they feel do not belong on the site for any reason.

We may make changes to this policy from time to time. We will notify you of substantial changes to this Policy either by posting an update on the forum and/or by sending a message to the e-mail address you have provided to us that is contained within your user settings.

This is not a final list of all the rules and more may be added later. You are expected to read and agree to all rules to continue using the forum.

NOTE: Administrators reserve the right to enact any actions they see fit on a user's account.