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Feature: Chat Bar

This is a discussion on Feature: Chat Bar within the Announcements forum, part of the Headquarters; Would there any possibility to enable timestamps in the chat bar windows?...

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    Would there any possibility to enable timestamps in the chat bar windows?

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    Is there is way to make it where when you are typing in a thread and the chatbar pops up that what you meant to type in the post/thread does not go into the chatbar space?

    :EDIT: Proof there are stupid questions. I just saw it in the options.

    Quote Originally Posted by Renegdr View Post
    Would there any possibility to enable timestamps in the chat bar windows?
    This is a great idea, my halfass smartphone does not heehaw with the site and the user bar does not work. So I have no idea when a msg was sent by time I finally log into the laptop or desktop.
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    Oh btw, I think the feature where it shows which person logs on should be removed.. mainly because of me.
    For those who have me added i'm sorry, but i tend to click out of the page and click back to it over and over when im extremely bored.
    I think my name keeps popping up over and over ._.
    Sorry. xD
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    Great feature,i like talking and playing with friends on this site
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