Welcome To Signature Of The Month XXIV
Hosted By LeeMcD

First of all, below is all of the past Winners of the Signature Contests. Some of them could be your competition.

Quick Introduction:

This signature contest will be running for 18 days, starting on the 1st of the Month. You do not have to have a certain amount of posts to enter nor a certain skill. Just create something and submit it. Please make sure to read the rules very carefully, if when submitting an entry and you clearly haven't read the rules, your entry won't be entered and you will be banned from entering the contest.

Theme Selected: Movies
Deadline For Entering: 12th May
Deadline For Voting: 19th May

1st: Sniperfox - 10 Votes + Tiebreak

2nd: Curse - 10 votes

3rd: Trickster4170 - 6 Votes

4th: LeeMcD - 5 Votes

Cap-R - 5 Votes

6th: Geosmi - 4 Votes

Prosthetic - 4 Votes

8th: djunglist420 - 3 Votes

9th: MxARCHiExH - 2 Votes

10th: antoniosbandana - 1 Vote

JackAttack - 1 Vote

Redcell89 - 1 Vote

13th: Compalicious - 0 Votes

orenjikitty - 0 Votes


  • Your Entry must be sent via PM to LeeMcD
  • Do not include any members name or infact any name of any kind to your entry unless allowed to do so
  • The Width for your Entry must be 500px or less
  • The Height for your Entry must be 250px or less
  • You must not vote for yourself
  • Your Entry must be Fresh, meaning you just made it especially for this contest
  • To make the Site Trophy Eligible, there must be at least 5 Entrants
  • The Signature must fit the theme selected
  • Do not ask anybody or tell anybody to vote for a certain Entry
  • Abusive language will not be tolerated, either towards myself, other members or Entrants
  • Votes by members with less than 50 posts will not count
  • Anybody revealing who's Entry is who's will be infracted
  • Do not post in this thread that you have sent me your PM, I don't reply to your PM's unless there is a problem with your entry. I will try to reply saying I received it.
  • The Signature MUST! have "PS3Trophies.com" or "PS3T.com" written on it or else it will not be accepted.
  • You Must save a .psd for Photoshop users in case you are doubted on your entrant, for GIMP users you must save a .xcf version in case you are doubted.

1 Rule Disobeyed: Disqualification From Current SOTM
2 Rules Disobeyed: Disqualification From Next SOTM
3 Rules Disobeyed: Disqualification From Next 2 SOTM
4 Rules Disobeyed: Life Disqualification From SOTM[/CENTER]

This also applies for the Same Rule Broken multiple times. You will get a warning for the Rules in Red.


Win A Member thrown Competition
Awarded for winning a competition thrown by forum members. Must have 5 member participation minimum. (ie. Signature contests, game tournaments, etc.)

Good Luck To All Entrants!