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Help please

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    Help please

    I need some help with Sequence 8 Part 3. I'm going for the 100% completion and the objectives on this particular mission are giving a bunch of trouble. It's where Connor escapes the gallows and has to chase down Hickey, but you have to kill two militia AND keep Washington's bodyguards alive. I've watched a youtube video that does them both. The video is here: Assassin's Creed 3 - Sequence 8: Public Execution - Walkthrough (Part 34) - YouTube. In the video it shows Connor simply attacking Hickey to get him to chase after Connor as he runs back to two militia to kill them, then chases him back to kill him before he kills the bodyguards. I've tried doing the method in this video and Connor keeps immediately assassinating him and I end up having to restart the entire memory to retry the chase as the auto-save kicks in right as I kill Hickey, making restarting from the checkpoint impossible. It's very aggravating and tedious to have to keep doing this several times over only to yield the same outcome.
    Even if I carry on with the game and come back later, I suspect the same thing to keep happening, which obviously keeps me from a platinum.

    If anyone can give me tips on how to NOT assassinate Hickey when I attack or provide me with an easier method, it would be greatly appreciated.

    *EDIT* never mind, I got lucky. Not sure how to delete the thread.
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    I see you got it. This part gave me trouble as well. For anyone wondering or having trouble i'll answer it anyways.

    Make sure you run in front of hickey and hit him once. This will draw his attention to you. Now lead him backwards to find 2 militia, kill them then hickey and bam 100%

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