I am having trouble with 3 of the optional conditions on missions. 2 of them are the same problem. One in the pirateers missions. It's the one where you are supposed to destroy 3 ships by blowing up the powder reserves or "weak spots" I can only get one ship to show a weak spot. I have tried everything I even used chain shot and took out the sails on all 3 ships and then kept popping away with my swivel hoping to get the spots to show but no go. I am having the same issue in sequence 11 where you have to destroy 2 of the ships the same way. Again I can get one to the point that the spot shows up, but the 2nd either sinks even when I only use my swivel or the ship I'm protecting sinks it before I can get there.

The other issue I'm having is in sequence 10, when you have to chase the guard down and the optional thingy is to "tackel him from above". I have tried the roof tops and every time I end up jumping on a regular or some other brit. I have chased him and cought him on the street but no "from above". I have even tried getting to the ally he is headded for before him, which is quite easy to do. I have climbed up on the stairs there, no go, and I have gon up on the boxes at the end right before he gets where he's goin. Man twice I have even bumped him when I jumped and got knocked on my ass for my trouble.

Can anyone give me a hint on how to do these?