For those of you having a difficult time with this trophy and with the Brawler requirement, it took me a lot of dying until I found a nice area. Go to Boston where the Market and water channel are next to each other. From there, go to the outskirt of the map where there is a farm with cows in a fenced off area., it also has a haystack in the fenced area. That is the Location you want to go to when you replay Memory 5-3. DO NOT perform the initial instruction from Adams to tear down posters. From the haystack two Jagers will continuously spawn by themselves. The first is walking away from you in the lit alleyway. The second is making a quick round between the barn and the horses toward the town on the adjacent fence you jump to get the first Jager. What is even better about this sequence is that it is still quick teaching your moves so you have a better shot at the counter(O) move and when you get it, there is a serious pause for you to hit the disarm button(X). From there its just pounding the Square button and don't forget to drop the weapon once you kill him. You also do not respawn incognito so if you do desync, your count will continue toward the trophy as you are still Notorious. Took me 6 minutes to go from 0 to 10 on the Brawler Challenge and I picked up the trophy three before that because I accidentally assassinated a few in my excitement. Happy Assassinating!