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The Official Platinum Difficulty Discussion Thread

This is a discussion on The Official Platinum Difficulty Discussion Thread within the Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland forum, part of the A; (banner image pending) This thread is first and foremost a discussion thread , but it also has a poll. Please ...

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    The Official Platinum Difficulty Discussion Thread

    (banner image pending)

    This thread is first and foremost a discussion thread, but it also has a poll. Please do not vote in the poll until you have earned the platinum trophy for this game. That being said, we invite you to post below and discuss the difficult aspects of the game, even if you do not yet have the platinum trophy in your collection.

    When you post, give more than just a number. Give reasons why you feel the game is easy or hard. What parts of the game are easy or hard? Were there collectibles? Were they a pain? Is there a required online component? How easy or hard is the online portion? What is the most frustrating part about the game?

    Once you have obtained the platinum trophy, feel free to return to this thread and post your official vote. Say something to the effect of "I give this a 2 because there was only one tough spot and the collectibles were easy to find". At this point, you may also add your vote to the poll.

    The poll is public, meaning everyone can see how you vote.

    Obvious spamming will not be tolerated. Moderators will take action against obvious spammers as necessary*.

    *NOTE: This Official Platinum Difficulty Discussion Thread and others like it constitute an Official Site Feature here at Misuse of this thread or this poll may count as an abuse of a site feature which is expressly forbidden in the site rules. Moderators will give punishments as necessary.

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    I voted Moderate. The Platinum trophy is not hard to get, but not easy to get either.

    1. Most of the Trophies are obtained by completing characters FLV events and watch the multiple Endings of the game itself. Other than those Trophies, the rest of the trophies are either story-driven or by beating certain powerful bosses in the game. There is no trophy here that requires you to collect a certain amount of items/weapons/armours/accessories, or by killing a certain number of enemies, etc.

    2. Most of the Trophies in this game can be missable if you do not raise all of your party members and other supporting characters Friendship Level to watch their own unique final character event. The multiple endings can be missable as well if you do not complete your Task in the first three years of the game, which is to get 30000 population within three years. If somehow you screwed up your first playthrough, play the game in New Game Plus and pay attention to the characters' FLV this time to get the FLV trophies.

    3. The most important thing in this game is good time management. Without proper time management, you will find yourself messed up in getting certain Endings or to complete the game's Tasks. Always plan ahead your schedule of traveling, synthesising items for Tasks, gathering materials and battling, as well as always save often.

    4. The Platinum trophy can only be obtained by playing two playthroughs in minimum, since one of the playable characters are not available for recruiting in your New Game playthrough.

    5. The Endings in the game such as Castle Life have their own priority list. For example, the Miss Popular ending is the highest priority of all Endings, whereas the Alchemist! ending has lower priority than the Miss Popular ending. If you activate the higher priority ending in the game, the lower priority ones will be ignored and you will only watch the higher priority ending at the end of the game itself. Use multiple saves to watch all but one Ending in the game in your first playthrough, or watch all of the Endings in New Game Plus.

    6. The Trophies that will give players problem are: Alchemist!, Strongest Princess, and Changing the Past.

    For Alchemist! trophy, you need to recruit Gio BEFORE you started all three developments of Yusel, since there are few events involving Gio needed to activate this Ending. It is recommended to immediately put Gio in your party as soon as you able to recruit him. Bring him to Yusel before you started the Yusel development, and after you have completed all three Yusel developments to get the 'Happy Uncle' MeMemo update. If you have done it correctly, you will fight a more powerful version of Airshatter at Mt. Velus and by defeating him then you will get this Ending. This trophy coincides with Changing the Past trophy if you do not attempt in getting other endings in your current playthrough.

    For Strongest Princess trophy, you need to defeat Masked G, who is one of the most difficult bosses in the game. His high defense and high attack power will cause new players get defeated easily, as well as having a one hit KO move. In order to defeat him, you need to get powerful weapons that have Rainbow Power (minimum), good armours that have Fortified Fiber (minimum), and good accessories such as Angel Charms and Speed Belts with good Traits such as Diamond Light, Fairy's Prayer, Royal Style, etc. Recommended level to fight Masked G is LV80 or above.

    For Changing the Past trophy, you need to defeat Airshatter with Gio in your party. If you are fighting Airshatter with Gio in your party, that Airshatter will be much more powerful and dangerous, with an access to a party one hit KO move. Airshatter will use that one hit KO move to defeat all your party members if you do not defeat it quickly. My fighting strategy relies on using Magic Sword, Sterk's Skills, spamming Gio's Shadow and Slash, use Sterk's or Gio's Super Moves, and use Elixirs with Wake Up and Pepped Up traits. Recommended level to fight this boss is LV60 or more. Personally, this improved Airshatter is much more dangerous than Masked G, because you need to defeat the Airshatter within a certain number of turns, whereas you can fight Masked G as long as you want.

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    It is an easy platinum. My first playthrough was playing the game just for fun but when Year 4 began, I ignored every event and focused on making the best weapons, armors and accessories and also having a 100 Quality for these equpments. Doing this however, I missed the trophy which requires defeating Airshatter but I didn't mind.

    For the weapons, these are the following traits I had.
    - Rainbow Power
    - Deity Power
    - Time Spirit
    - Master Skill
    - Power Hitter
    I had a different set of traits placed on Meruru's weapon but the traits I said above are for the party members who are going to support Meruru.

    - Fortified Fiber
    - Lifeguard
    - Defender
    - Red Blue Barrier
    - Green Gold Barrier

    Accessory (Speed Belt and Angel Charm)
    - Royal Style
    - Fairy's Prayer
    - Diamond Light
    - Speed Star
    - Stats Power

    With these traits on my equipments, I didn't have any trouble on my second playthrough which is now focused on earning all trophies. Boss battles like Airshatter and Masked G didn't gave me trouble at all. Boss battles is not about being overleveled or underleveled. It's just about having good set of equipments.

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    Voted moderate but for me was hard when I played my 1st walk since I did it without guide so I end up missing a lot of stuffs but in my 2nd walk still could manage to get all done, once u make the ultimate equipments the game will be much fun and easy just reload reload and blink xD

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