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Gotham Base Jumper

This is a discussion on Gotham Base Jumper within the Batman: Arkham City forum, part of the B; Im having trouble with this trophy which should be very easy to get - simply glide for 1 minute from ...

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    Gotham Base Jumper

    Im having trouble with this trophy which should be very easy to get - simply glide for 1 minute from the watchtower. I jump off the tower and I start gliding until I hit the invisible barrier and then I glide some more. The problem is once I hit the 40 second mark (roughly) Batman automatically grappels to a random part of the tower and the sequence needs to be restarted. So far it had happened at different heights and Ive tried a number of gliding routes. Any thoughts?

    EDIT: Nevermind I got it. You cant have any sort of free will when gliding and you have to consistently attack the invisible barrier. What is annoying about this is that once you get the trophy you have to go back in the elevator and through the subway to get out.
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    just go to those side sticks that hangout of the wonder tower and and jump off one of them and glide for like 5 seconds and turn back at towards those sticks and grapple hook them and double tap x so you could speed zip jump and continue gliding do that till the trophy pops.Hope i helped

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