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NG+ issue -

This is a discussion on NG+ issue - within the Batman: Arkham City forum, part of the B; Hey guys - I am currently in free roam - I just beat the game on NG+ and literally all ...

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    NG+ issue -

    Hey guys - I am currently in free roam - I just beat the game on NG+ and literally all I have left are a few acts of violence and the deadshot side mission. I'm having 1 issue. I can't seem to get oracle to pop the second victim of Deadshots. I know his location (according to youtube vids) and i've patrolled that exact area and others but I have yet to hear her say 'we've located the general area' blah blah blah" Anyone else have this issue and know how to resolve it?

    ---nevermind - just literally came through about 5 mins after posting this....classic.
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    I was never too sure whether you had to go into a particular area or reach a certain milestone to trigger events. I had no problems with the first playthrough, but on NG+ after I had finished the story I still had a lot of political prisoners to save, as well as a couple other side missions.

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    I'm in NG+ too, and to hopefully avoid the bug I'm going to complete all side missions before finishing the main story (I'm currently stuck on the Joker/Clayface boss battle). I think all I have left are identity thief, acts of violence, deadshot, and the phone call killer.
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