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This is a discussion on Combat Help within the Batman: Arkham City forum, part of the B; Anyone have tips on the combat? I'm having trouble with funhouse brawl. I know the special movies add to the ...

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    Combat Help

    Anyone have tips on the combat?

    I'm having trouble with funhouse brawl.

    I know the special movies add to the points and I try to add them in but by the time the 4th round comes around, the titan always manages to get a hit in and I lose the multiplier.

    Any tips on how you beat funhouse reg and extreme and survival of the fittest extreme would help a lot

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    yeah these are actually simple. The best thing to do is to jump a LOT. the best method I found when facing groups with titans in them is to go straight for the titan and do a super cape stun. Then hit him 3 times and jump over him and repeat until you get on top of him. with three hits the enemies may start to punch you but the punch never goes through because you evaded. As long as you keep the hits down to like 3 you should not get hit. If you accidently start to target other enemies simply keep going but if the Titan starts to charge you simple jump over an enemy and the titan may run into you but since you are in an evade action you dont take damage or lose your combo.

    Also points wise. If you looked in my guide I have a good tip for Combat points. Simply use your basic attack and reversals and the entire time go for beat down after beat down, this rapidly racks up the combo while finishing your enemies. If you can master doing beat downs and reversing enemy attacks as you are trying to beat someone down you will inevitably meet the requirements for the scores. Using this method I was able to obtain points like 100,000+ points on almost any given map. For the most part after you get this down you will only need round 4 to meet your point requirements

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    The key to the combat challenges in this game is to keep your combo up. Don't worry about using a large variety of moves.

    The Titans can be annoying, but I would recommend you take one of two approaches. One, stay close to the Titan and jump over him in between every strike on a normal guy. This will allow you to redirect the Titan and he won't charge you or be able to punch you. The other approach is to keep your distance from the Titan and just jump out of the way when he charges. I don't like to ride the Titans because it's too easy to get hit while attempting to super-stun and beat them up. In any case, you want to do your best to save him for last. A Titan Takedown earns you 100x your combo.

    On rounds where you have a one-armed guy with a Titan, definitely aim to take down the one-armed guy first. You can rack up your combo so quickly by beating him up, then jumping over him when he or another enemy is about to attack. You should be able to get into the super focus mode this way, and you'll be able to zip around the area taking guys out while avoiding the Titan.

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    The combat in this game is made significantly easier because of the addition of the 'bat swarm' special move. Basically, I was able to 3-star all of the combat challenges relatively easily by just building up big combos all the time. The main thing that allowed me to do this was judicious use of the bat-swarm. It clears enemies from your immediate vicinity and gives you a few extra seconds to determine where you want to take your combo to next. I found it worked best by using the bat swarm then the special combo takedown once I had the multiplier built up again and alternating between each. Of course, you still want to work in as many other special moves and gadgets as possible, but all in all, that's what worked for me. Hope it helps!

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