On the sniper class In BF3, the Watch on his arm says "TUS 5 2142"

For people who are bad at Battlefield history, BF2142 Was the best Battlefield game of all time, Best Gamemode ever made (Titan, which is basically conquest, but with 2 gigantic ships you have to destroy to win the game)

Example of BF2142 if you haven't seen it before

This obviously is hinting towards a New Battlefield game. it doesn't really help it being false when the next E3 Date was confirmed recently to be June 5th to the 7th (note the Number 5 On the watch.) Not to mention they have done this before (In 2142, The number 1943 was spotted inside the ship, there is now a battlefield 1943 on consoles)

Bring it on Dice, i want a 2143. Best battlefield game.