Basically if you wern't up to times on community battles and stuff, Reddit and 4chan was supposed to go head to head today in a match.

Reddit played dirty by Reporting the 3 Leaders (1 Main, 2 Backup) before-match for stuff they didn't do, Kicked players mid-battle, Used Cheats/hacks, Made rules mid-round after agreeing to no rules, and more.

summary pic:

Reddit Responses:

I hope you guys know this 'Reddit vs 4chan' match will stay with us for good now.. : battlefield3

I think i can honestly say that in terms of Battlefield 3, Reddit will now be known around the gaming community as 'unfair-opponents'.

Whether the server is being hosted by a fair individual or not, Reddit will have this sour competition on its shoulders for good.

I thought that the Reddit community would be mature about the fact for a good match against a competetive source and would accept if they got beat.

But kicking people and getting them banned just because the match wasn't going your own way? adding new rules as the game progressed?

I am dissapoint. I'm not putting this on the whole communities shoulders, it is just a shame that our image has now been affected by some selfish individuals.

Petition to Ban K0NFUSION. : battlefield3

Redditor for 3+ years here.

This asshat has tarnished the name, not just of this subreddit, but Reddit as a whole. We need to publicly disassociate ourselves with this guy and disavow everything he's done so far.

— jcready

Reddit kicking anyone better than them.... : battlefield3

Wow, that was a very poor show you guys.

TL;DR Redditors are Cheating Soldiers in BF3, If you see a redditor play BF3, make sure to report them and ban them for their hacking ways and be careful near them.