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Banned/Kicked & EXP

This is a discussion on Banned/Kicked & EXP within the Battlefield 3 forum, part of the B; Ive been kicked off several. If you're a good player and their dicks happens all the time. I had one ...

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    Ive been kicked off several. If you're a good player and their dicks happens all the time.

    I had one on firestorm camping on the mountain with a buddy sniping people when the jumped in chopper. Yeah, it's a long distance but if that's what you do entire round. Then NO skill is involved. You're just keeping crosshairs in same spot and firing when propellers start to spin. So, I jump in chopper and back out quickly. Sure enough I hear the shot hit so I jump back in fly over to the mountain, and dive-bomb him. Guess he though I went down with chopper. Knifed him and his punkass buddy. Then got the banned message ..... Love owning noobs
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    From experience you don't lose the EXP.
    So nothing to worry about.

    I counted my XP went into a server got 5 kills..........used a shotgun, got banned.
    I had more XP than what I counted before.

    It's cuz EA's servers keep track of your stats, doesnt matter if you get kicked or not.
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    No EXP loss but it's such BS. It's done more often than not when you're sumone whos playing fairly good. Oh well, I mostly get kicked when I go on a knife rampage

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    I once got kicked when i was literally on fire, was just killing everyone and capturing flags, they switched the teams completely and it was me and a couple of guys verse the rest. Pissed me off, but oh well. That was only once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jammy3112 View Post
    I was just playing a game of Conquest on Metro with my mate, and we were both sniping a few people at flag A. Shortly after we killed a group of enemies, a tank pulled up and tried to take over A. Now, the rules of the server never stated No RPGs, so both my mate and I pulled out our RPGs and blew the tank sky high.
    Next this we know, both of us received messages stating that if we used RPGs again we would be banned. (I can only assume that the guy we killed was the Admin).
    Fast forward serveral minutes, and my mate and I decided to obtain a tank, and drive down to A. Lo & behold, who do we spot? The Admin! How does he take our tank out? Using an RPG!!! (thankfully we bailed before he got us!)

    Fairness = 0
    Metro has no vehicles... Just saying.

    Anyway, back to the original question. You keep the exp you earned, it just won't show on battlelog until that game ends. I get annoyed with admins in bf3 too, i'm banned from so many servers for being better than them...

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