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Multiple Battlefield 3 News

This is a discussion on Multiple Battlefield 3 News within the Battlefield 3 forum, part of the B; First of all. a quote from Battlefield 3 Facebook page, explaining maps The 9 multiplayer maps in Battlefield 3 offer ...

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    Multiple Battlefield 3 News

    First of all. a quote from Battlefield 3 Facebook page, explaining maps

    The 9 multiplayer maps in Battlefield 3 offer every style of gameplay from dense urban combat to all-out vehicle warfare on vast landscapes. Head to the official Battlefield blog for the design ideas behind the multiplayer maps in Battlefield 3, straight from one of the level designers at DICE. Battlefield Blog

    Second, explaining why there is an online pass

    THE BUZZ: Alan Kertz, Gameplay Designer at DICE has explained the reason behind Battlefield 3 having an online pass for multiplayer access.

    The online pass for the game was first mentioned back in March and many fans thought that a game as big as Battlefield would try to avoid the system in order to get the game in as many homes as possible, however this sin’t the case and the inclusion of a pass has been officially confirmed. Kertz explained that the reason is, “because servers cost money, and used games don’t make developers any money.”

    EGM’s TAKE: Lets be honest, everyone knew the game would have an online pass considering all EA games do now.

    Source: DICE – Battlefield 3 Will Have an Online Pass ‘Because Servers Cost Money’ | EGMNOW
    Third, more questions answered

    THE BUZZ: Battlefield 3 core gameplay designer Alan Kertz—aka Demize99—has been a fountain of information when it comes to news, details, and updates on Battlefield 3. After a short break, that fountain is flowing again, so here’s some of his most recent revelations.

    -When asked if there are plans to display actual numerical damage values of guns either in-game or on Battlelog: “No plans.”
    -When asked if there will be a tracer dart gun in Battlefield 3: “No Tracer Dart Gun I think you might like some of our other toys though.”
    -When asked if there’s a server-side option to disable main base protection: “Fraid not.”
    -When asked if the random white screen flashes are fixed on the PS3 version: “Fixed”
    -When asked at what range snipers will be able to do one-hit kills: “In hardcore? About 50m, depends on the rifle, and only with bolts.”
    -When asked if there are performance optimizations in the final version versus the beta: “Plently.”
    -When asked if helicopter gunners can have different weapons, or if only the pilot’s loadout matters: “Gunners get their own loadouts.”
    -When asked if fences will be fully destructible in the final version (where as the beta has issues with this): “Fixed”
    -When asked if there will be improvements made to the mini map: “Yes, the clarity has been greatly enhanced.”
    -When asked to confirm that Hardcore has reduced health: “60% of normal”
    -When asked about the headshot multiplier: “About 2x for most guns, slightly higher for higher calibers.”
    -When asked if bushes will still “catch” grenades like they did in the beta: “Fixed”

    Source: DICE’s Alan Kertz answers more Battlefield 3 questions | EGMNOW

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    Amazing. Less than 2 weeks away, can't wait for the 25th.

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    That sounds awesome! Really loving the mix of maps to help us CoD players to really get used to Battlefield!

    Also I'm loving the amount of fixes and questions answered. For some reason I'm loving the gunner getting his own load out.

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