===[Back 2 KilL]===
-We are a clan that is based on the idea of equality.
-We strive to make each game enjoyable, not frustrating.
-We have a strong base and foundation for the clan, which is lead by the members of that clan.
-We strive to help you become better at battlefield at all times. Everyone can become better no matter how good you are.

-1.0+ K/D
-350+ Score Per. minute
-1.5+ W/L Ratio
-Must be rank 30 or higher
-can ONLY be in 3 platoons including ours
-STAY ACTIVE, if you are inactive for more then a week we will be looking at you for being kicked from the clan... don't worry you will get two warnings before we do so.

You must add EVERYONE in your squad, especially the SQUAD LEADER. Also, you must always wear your B2K clan tag while gaming with other B2K members!!!

It is always great if you have a mic, battlefield is all about communication and if you can't do that you're at a disadvantage from the start. Fun and enjoyable people are what makes up CyS, but at the same time we are a "Go big or Go home" type of clan as well. Losing is rarely an outcome that any of us will accept. At times though even the best must be shot down at some point. It's just how you recover from that situation that makes you a true battlefield gamer. If you think we're the right choice for you then select join, if not then see you on the battlefield!!!

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