Hey there guys!

I used to own Battlefield 3: Limited Edition but decided to sell it to my friend one day for $40 (needed the money for christmas gifts). Recently I have been wanting the game back and I mean a lot. I was gonna even buy it again but I couldn't see myself spending $40+ for something I already had. So I took some old PS3 games to GameStop just for curiosity (yes I know I could of been raped by them) so I got a discount for it and ended up buying Battlefield 3 New instead of used. I hadn't noticed it was a Limited Edition. I was shocked to see it was since I hadn't seen any Limited Edition box arts at the GameStop I went to. Originally I was going to give the Online Pass away to the first person that wanted it, but this is a Limited Edition Online Pass (I already have one from my old Battlefield 3). So since it's a LE one I decided to put it up for a trade to see what I could probably get. I mean heck I bought Battlefield 3 twice I should at least try and get something. Anyways here is what you should get with the Battlefield 3: Limited Edition Online Pass:

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  • Battlefield 1943
  • Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand Expansion
  • Early Access to the Mass Effect 3 Demo
  • Mass Effect 3 N7 Dog Tags for Multiplayer
  • M1911 Pistol for Multiplayer

So that's pretty much what you get with that pass according to all the little papers inside the box. Anyways of course I am looking for some specific things I would like to get in return but of course you guys might have better things to offer so here is what I would like to get:

  • PSN Plus 3 Month Subscription
  • $20 PSN Card

Of course if you guys have anything else that you might want to offer I will be constantly checking the thread and will close it as soon as I close a deal with someone. Remember you guys may offer anything you want but I will PM you if I am interested in what you offered. Thanks again guys!