Men Of Valor

Clan Name: Men of Valor
Clan Tag: MoV
Objectives: To bring like minded gamers under one roof for the PS3 games-Battlefield 3! and more to come
Recruitment: Open to all players who will be ACTIVE and MATURE!
Link To Site: Men of Valor - Home Page - Clan website

MoV is here to be a Clan of gamers that can work together to make all of our gaming experiences better, if you so choose to apply with us, know that while we are all different, we share a common goal, and that is to enjoy our time spent on our forums and time in game.

General Rules and Info
General Rules are as Follows:

1: Cheaters and hackers will be banned and removed from the clan.
2: No racial/religion discrimination within the clan.
3: Any problems with members should be handled either through pm's, the complaint box, or brought to an high ranking clan members attention if it needs facilitated. Never out in the open boards.

General Info:
1: Age restrictions-Really there are none, as long as you are a mature gamer.
2: MoV is open to anyone, you don't have to play 20+ hours aweek or be the best player.We will help where we can to help other improve their game skills.

ACTIVITY: Activity is very important. We are laid back but we need players who are committed to the clan!

What we ask of our Members: All we ask is that you put your fellow Squad Mates ahead of your personal stats, while thinking like Rambo will win some battles, it will never win the War.