I dont remember reading any of the info i am about to share! The Mohole is a "B", a pain in the butt, especially on harx difficulty. First, i prefer the machine gun over the grenade launcher. When you swing over to the worm, he will get ready to shoot his first laser, throw a car at him. Follow up with the machine gun (or grenade launcher) the next time he shows his face. Get some ammo and get ready. Now you have to dodge his "surface tunneling", just jump away from him as you run around. Repeat until he falls to the ground, run up to him and attach to his eye. He will fling you up into the air so you can hit with a death from above right in his eye! Now come the shock waves and my perspective on how to dodge them. Get to one of the sides with trees. Attach to the middle of the tree and reel yourself in. The shock waves wont touch you. After he releases his shockwaves, get off the tree to assess if he will follow up with more shock waves or his laser attack. This is where the machine gun is better, the worm seems to stay as far away as he can from you (plus if he is across the parking lot, his laser cant hit you!). If the mohole decides to his you with more shockwaves, run to the tree and reel in. If he goes for the lasers, light him up (or toss some cars if you are using grenades). Finally, when the worm is at about 20% or less of health, be prepared to rush him for another eye grab. One last death from above and you win!

This was way easier for me to do than trying to jump the waves or stand on the highest point of the worm holes. The tree is easier to grab just somewhat hard to get to at first (sometimes). Good luck, and i hope i helped you all out.