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The Official Platinum Difficulty Discussion Thread

This is a discussion on The Official Platinum Difficulty Discussion Thread within the BioShock 2 forum, part of the B; Moderate, only because of a few of the online trophies, like the Mother Goose one, which requires a little bit ...

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    Moderate, only because of a few of the online trophies, like the Mother Goose one, which requires a little bit of luck to get. i was lucky enough to have someone drop a sister about 3 feet from the vent for me.

    A few tips for the MP without boosting:
    * always play a team game. the winning team gets 200 Adam, the losing team gets 150. I prefer Capture the Sister.
    * if you suck at killing people (like me), focus on looking for Adam vials, hacking machines, and taking photos. Most of the time people will make a mad dash to kill others or to get the game objective (like capturing the sister), leaving you to root around at the start. hug the walls and you will discover clusters of adam vials. The best i did in one game was 19 vials.

    I didn't boost, and here's my breakdown:
    97,000 needed for lvl40
    wins 43, losses 127 (170 games)
    916 kills (average of 5 kills a match), 689 assists
    1836 hacks
    888 photos
    1264 vials of Adam
    12,425 in points from the trials

    trust me, it is not that tough. And for those people who complain that MP is dead? if you don't get right in to a match within a minute, exit out and go right back in to the same game type. most of the time you will get put into a partially-completed match.

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    Easy. Just platted the game for the second time on my alt. All you need is one Hard playthrough with no Vita Chambers. And trust me, if you can survive the douches of this games MP, you can definitely fly through this with minimal effort.

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    3 moderate. Nothing too difficult here. Multiplayer is a grind but that's about it. I messed up research trophy and had to give it an extra playthrough but that was my own stupid fault.

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    sigh i cant get dlc to run,

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    Easy: This was easier than Bioshock as the no vita chambers trophy can be done on easy and hard wasn't actually that hard. Although I thought the online trophies would be a pain to get as the game is so old now, they all came through natural gameplay.
    I did have to do an extra partial playthrough for the research as I messed up the thuggish splicers as they only appear early in the game but did this on easy and didn't take too long at all.

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    EASY:This installment of the Bioshock series was an easy platinum to achieve. The playthrough on hard wasn't as bad as I thought, bit easier than Bioshock Survivor. Some parts were a pain like a couple of the Big Sister fights, but were made easier with Hypnotize 3, Electro Bolt 3 and tonics that boost the drill. The online portion wasn't to bad to do while turret boosting with a couple of friends. Overall this was a fun and gameplay rich plat to get.
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    I voted easy because the game is a lot easier than the first one. The multiplayer trophies are somewhat annoying but just require time.
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