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Shock Tactics Trophy Glitch?

This is a discussion on Shock Tactics Trophy Glitch? within the BioShock Infinite forum, part of the B; Hey guys, I recently continued my save file for Bioshock Infinite (I had last played in mid-April) and picked up ...

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    Shock Tactics Trophy Glitch?

    Hey guys,

    I recently continued my save file for Bioshock Infinite (I had last played in mid-April) and picked up sometime after the Hall of Heroes. I am now at Comstock House, but that's besides the point.

    I was looking through my trophy list for this game tonight and to my surprise I had a black (hidden) trophy in-between Welcome to Monument Island and First Class Ticket and thought it was odd. Then I began to think maybe it was a decision I had to make and I made the decision that rewards no trophy.

    However, I came on here straightaway (this was literally 2 minutes ago, so I'm still a little irritated) and saw that the trophy Shock Tactics is the one that I am missing which simply requires you to obtain Shock Jockey which is part of the story line, thus, unmissable. Yet, here I am wondering why that trophy is not unhidden on my list.

    I hadn't planned on doing two playthroughs but I feel like I want that "unmissable" bronze in my collection because it was my right to have, you know?

    Has anyone else run into this glitch?

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    I just finished the game... 2 glitches!!! Shock Jockey and First Class Ticket both [FONT=arial, helvetica, clean, sans-serif]glitched... anything I can do about it?[/FONT]

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    There is a nasty glitch in BioShock Infinite that disables trophies temporarily. This happens when you're signed out mid-game. Say you launch the game signed in, get signed out at some point, any trophies you should earn after that won't pop. I'd recommend signing out before launching the game and then stay signed out. If you do get signed out while you're playing, exit to the XMB, then re-launch the game. Same happens if you're signed out and then sign in mid-game. You either play completely signed in or completely signed out.

    To get the trophies you're missing, I'd recommend going to chapter select, select a point just before you should get the trophy, play to that point, and it should pop fine. You don't have to start a new playthrough.

    Hope this helps.

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    The guy above me is right, ive noticed this glitch with other games such as Fallout. Its a network bug im guessing. Go to your home menu, disconnect and reconnect to the net via your wi-fi router and try again, hopefully this helps.

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