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This is a discussion on Ulitmate within the BioShock Infinite forum, part of the B; It says on the box that I need the Playstation Move to play this game..why, which part of the game? ...

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    It says on the box that I need the Playstation Move to play this game..why, which part of the game?
    Plus what does this mean (also in the description) (DLC) you need to open a (free) HK PSN account?

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    Using the PS Move isn't required, but it's an option if you so wish to use it during your playthrough.

    You'll need a PSN account to access (purchase) DLC for the game. PSN accounts are free to open, but some content may require real money to purchase and use. I believe "HK" is a Hong Kong account, but a any Asian account (ie: Singapore) should also be able to access the same content.

    What region is your Bioshock Infinite game? Sounds like it could be an R5 disc, which is published in Asia.

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    You don't need the PlayStation Move at all, it's an optional feature for the game, meaning if you have PS Move you can use it if you want, but you can play the game perfectly fine without it.

    To purchase DLC (extra stuff for your game, new levels, weapons etc.) you'll have to access the PlayStation Store on your PS3, which can be done with a PlayStation Network account. PSN accounts are completely free to make, it's the actual DLC that might cost money.

    If I'm not mistaken PS3 games will play no matter what your region, so when setting your region on your PSN account choose what you prefer.

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