Hey guys, if you're having issues with this one...i got it fairly easily. This is what I did...it's not really a glitch...I guess...it's more...maybe...poor AI..? The first place that you see these guys, it will be slow where you have to use your order spell to be able to walk normal speed - there will be a large like tree trunk like pillar in the middle and there will be a cut scene..they have this giant war hammers and they hit the ground and cast out this huge frozen shockwave. Well, the way that I approached it was you can either go to the right or the left.....(if you go to the left there is a note on the ground also). I went to the left...and honestly....don't try to go in for melee....just sit back as far from the tree as you can and just shoot the crap out of him. the guy NEVER took one step towards me....it takes a little bit longer to make him dead....but...you avoid his shockwave (because a 2nd guy pops out when you are fighting the first and it gets kind of annoying to dodge both of them). Just unload and keep firing...he will eventually die. You only have to kill the one without getting touched (which freezes you) and the trophy will pop. that's my two cents. hope it works out, and good luck trophy hunters.