This isn't me posting a Guide for BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extended. Not my place or business to do so without permission. This is really me just asking if there is a Guide under construction? And if not, would you like some help in the construction of 1 with trophy information and tips?

I haven't platinumed the game yet but I do have the majority of them. I'm not much of an online player so those ones generally get left to last. But people can boost for those anyways so it doesn't matter much. Just a shame there isn't a guide here and other sites are already posting indepth guides with near accurate information on each trophy. I prefer to come here to check for information rather than juggling different sites.

A lot of information can be transferred over from the BlazBlue Continuum Shift Trophy Guide so all you have to really do is update with the new Trophies. And if you need any help, I'll be glad to help in any way I can.

If this topic shouldn't be here or a Guide is almost complete then feel free to delete this topic. Not looking for the post count.