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@ ant1th3s1s
WOW! Thanks for all that info. Good stuff!! I did try and 'patch' the problem myself last night by deleting just my profile file and reloading the previous save I had made of it. It would have worked if it were not for the fact that the backup I did was AFTER I lost all of my stats / skins / heads (!!!)

Oh well, at least I got a 'free' golden key out of it! LOL. There were only 2 heads and 2 skins I liked that went missing (one of each are equipped at the moment) anyway........ still, it would've been nice to keep all my badass stats. Guess I'll have to build them back up on another character since most of my challenges are completed on my main character.
that freaking blows man. I was hoping u would be able to fix your problem by backing up. Ive been making damn sure to keep my stuff backed up and checking the badass rank and skill points before hand.