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legendary items trade and dupe

This is a discussion on legendary items trade and dupe within the Borderlands 2 forum, part of the B; Log in to remove this sponsored message Hey. Im looking for a few items I would like to hav3 duped ...

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    legendary items trade and dupe

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    Hey. Im looking for a few items I would like to hav3 duped for my characters.

    Inflammable firehawk shield
    The bee shield
    Love thumper

    Infinity pistols, corrosive, fire, electric, rapid with scopes
    Firehawk gun with scope
    Nuke launcher
    Slagga smg
    Fire, corrosive bitch
    Hammerbuster assault rifle
    Sledges shotgun. Corrosive or fire b nice
    Pitchfork sniper
    White death/lydia
    Hive launcher
    Leech grenade
    Storm front
    The transformer

    I have a few items as follows.

    Plenteous kn8rfleet. 219359x3 , 33.8 chance to electric 4327
    Consumatte hellfire 4499, 20.6 chance to burn 4467.5
    Barking volcanno 19230, 43.5 chanc3 burn 3606
    Cp5 blades orphan maker 39586x2,
    Legendaty siren flass mod. Cooldown rate 38 gun dmg 26 5 to all stats
    Tactical teapot.
    Rightsizing plasma caster, electric, firing increases accuracy , 33 recoil , 7219 dmg, scope, hyperion , 2 ammo
    Proactive plasma caster , fire, same as above for firing, 6645 dmg, no scope . Hyperion
    Two fer longarm. Pistol. 10789x2 dmg. 33 crit dmg.
    Quality subcompact smg. 4394. Dmg. 20 reload spd , corrosive, increases stability, tediore, explodes
    Slayer of terramorpheous plus 4 mod
    Cpt blades many man shield. 33174, 5031 rr, 2.03 delay.

    Protection relic , shield capacity and recharge rate, 23
    Vlaforf acc recov 70
    Stockpile relic, assault smg sniper 58 more ammo
    Bandit reload spd 12.5 fire rate 7.5
    Tediore dmg 17 mag size 31
    Torgue fire rate 4.5 acc recov 34

    Gunzerker Armored titan class. 232 regen. 30 gun dmg. -3606 shield cap. 5 juggernaut. 4 hard to kill. 4 bubblegum.
    Siren killer cat class. Smg dmg 65. Smg accuracy -29. 5 minds eye, 3 wreck, 4 accelerate
    Commando grizzly pointman class, 281.7regen. 8294 life. 5 last ditch. 4 pressure. 3 grit
    Gunzerk hulking tank clsss. Shield cap +11178, recharege 35, 5 hard to kill, 4 juggernaut, 4 asbestos
    Gunzerker hoarding wardog class. Reload speed 28, mag size 35. 5 filled to brim, 4 5 shots or 6, 4 bubblegum.
    Gunzerjer auspicious raider class. Ass rifle accuracy 42, -3606 shield cap, 5 moneyshot, 4 locked n loadd, 4 incite
    Commando diehard vet clasd. Reload spd 29, mag size 32, 5 last ditch effort, 4 steady, 3 pressure.

    Psn ParadoxDoc
    Hit me up.

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    Looks like you put lots of time and effort into this.

    Sorry to spoil the fun.

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