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Ironheade concept art question.

This is a discussion on Ironheade concept art question. within the Brutal Legend forum, part of the B; How do I get these last six concept arts? I have the other 11. Can they all be done in ...

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    Ironheade concept art question.

    How do I get these last six concept arts? I have the other 11. Can they all be done in costume match or do the last 6 have to be in single player? Thanks in advance.

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    Been a while since I've played BL, but here's what I found:

    To get Faction Concept Art you will have to play multiplayer and continually make the same unit over and over again (Usually around 20-30 times) for the Concept Art of that unit to be unlocked (Ironheade's concept Art CAN BE UNLOCKED in Campaign Mode!). This can be done easily by starting a Custom Match with no AI on the Feeding Area map, claiming all the Fan Geysers, and placing your Rally Flag in the water. This will quickly kill your units and allow you to continually make more until you unlock their Concept Art. Each Faction's last Concept Art is obtained by Double Teaming with the stage for a total of five minutes.
    Hope this helps.

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