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Your MW3 videos

This is a discussion on Your MW3 videos within the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 forum, part of the C; Post here your MW3 videos! Can be anything in form of a small clip, a theater clip or a very ...

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    Your MW3 videos

    Post here your MW3 videos! Can be anything in form of a small clip, a theater clip or a very long vid.
    Post whatever you want as long as it's from MW3.
    Survival mode, mutiplayer, Spec Ops, guides, tutorials, walkthroughs whatever! Let's get some views.

    I have 2 MW3 videos at my YouTube at the moment:

    90k XP in a single game, prepared a lot of challenges but unfortunately I underestimated it. 8 weapons is too much :p
    Anyway, I end up with 90k XP and that's still a nice amount, here is the vid (I warn you, I'm a noob and end up with a bad score, so you have the full rights to call me a noob :p ):

    My first and only MOAB, which I got back when Infected was just made public and so there were no throwing knives yet and the infected were a bit slower than now. Played all day to get a MOAB, got a 22, 20 and 19 killstreak but half an hour before dinner I got a 46-3 MOAB with a 45 streak (34 gunstreak) and 11 kills with the MOAB. There was a host migration after I got 8 kills, so don't be suprised to see the MOAB faster than you would expect. I had a couple lucky moments and sometimes I didn't understanded why I didn't got killed.
    Anyway, enjoy the vid:

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    is it possible to upload clips straight to youtube from within the game, i have a handful of clips saved, mainly just cool throwing knife kills and stuff like that.

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