Need a team, Family, some friends?
If you are just tired of ending up playing with guys who make you rage, annoy you or just don’t like playing on your own with random’s then HavoC Gaming is the place to be. We offer a close community of call of duty players who all have one goal, to win and to have fun doing so. If you are over 16 years of age and have a working Mic feel free to come along and join our community, we feel communication is the key to having fun and success

Our Goals
HavoC Gaming, Our Mission to provide an ever growing international home and information base, an online tight knit community of elite and young gamers alike. Specializing in the best online multiplayer First Person Shooters (FPS) - currently Modern Warfare 3 and to expand to include more of the world’s best online FPS games . We aim to compete in world wide current online competitions and to lead the forefront of fellowship and sportsmanship for team members and competitors. Up to date forums with ease of communication and information sharing. We are striving for the joining of individuals male and female together to one family which in honour and respect we fight for.

At HavoC gaming we like our members to have fun, however there are of course a few rules we have
in place to maintain that very fine line between having fun, and upsetting others

Do NOT abuse other members, if they ask you to stop something please do so
Do Not trash Talk other players, we like to keep a good image
You must be AT LEAST 16 years of age before applying
You MUST have a working Mic

For More rules in our clan you can find them once registered on the forums at the links below

We like to find that one way of being such a functional team is to all get along and there are no better ways to do this than having various activities such as:

• Advancement Opportunities amongst other things
• Various Inter-clan Matches ( Tournaments )
• YouTube channels with gameplay
• Various game battles teams
• Graphics Teams

Before applying to be part of our community you should definitely obey all the rules. In order to apply for our clan just visit our site(links below) and register using your PSN as this helps to prevent confusion between members. Once registered you will have to post an application using a set format and then take place in a 7 day evaluation period in which various members will play games with you on PSN


Application page

Mention daniualgenie as the recruiter!