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CoD: Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Walkthrough (WIP)

This is a discussion on CoD: Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Walkthrough (WIP) within the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 forum, part of the C; Welcome to my campaign walkthrough for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Here i will be breaking down the entire ...

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    CoD: Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Walkthrough (WIP)

    Welcome to my campaign walkthrough for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Here i will be breaking down the entire campaign on both the normal difficulty and the veteran difficulty. I have asked administrator Breakpoint about this before i posted this thread. In the walkthrough i will try my best to find out all the good spawn points, cover points, good weapon locations, and more in order to make it as little annoying/frustrating as possible. THIS WILL NOT HAVE ANY TROPHY INFORMATION for there will be a guide for that. This is to help the newer players to Call of Duty, beginning trophy hunters or people that are less experienced with F.P.S's in general. Please do not bitch or troll here. If i wrote something that isn't clear or made an error, please comment so i can fix it. If you found a better way in a certain part, please comment. I will first write the normal difficulty and if it is approved i will write the veteran walkthrough. Hopefully this has clarified any concerns that you may have. I will start playing after the midnight launch and will be adding during the day. One more thing (i've always wanted to say this ) if you've found this helpful or not, remember to rate, comment, and subscribe.

    ACT 1 Part 1 - Black Tuesday (Play as Frost)

    The chapter starts when you exit the car and sandman hands you a magazine for your gun. From where Sandman is taking cover move forward 3 blocks (same as the cover where sandman is behind) and shoot some of the enemies while taking cover. A couple of meters ahead there will be three boxes with the Russian star on it that are against the wall. Run behind it and use it for cover. Once you have done that your allies will move forward. Ahead of the boxes there will be another structure against the that you should quickly move forward to (it will be about 37 meters away from the mission objective). Once you have done that 2 Russian humvees will pull up in front of you. Kill both gunners and move forward to see your fellow forces go across the intersection and to reach your first checkpoint.

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