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Easy 50 hours trophy!

This is a discussion on Easy 50 hours trophy! within the Capcom Arcade Cabinet forum, part of the C; I think this will be my last tip for this game since I'm not at 100% complete. The video below ...

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    Easy 50 hours trophy!

    I think this will be my last tip for this game since I'm not at 100% complete.

    The video below explains how to easily get the Retro Rookie, Retro Gamer, and Retro Obsessive trophies in Capcom Arcade Cabinet. These are the trophies for playing the game for 2, 10, and 50 hours total. This method here requires that you purchase the game PIRATE SHIP HIGEMARU.

    One thing to note is that only playing on official arcade mode counts as time played. Practice and casual play do not count for these trophies. Also, whenever the game is paused, it does not count towards play time.

    The steps are as follows:
    1. Ensure that your controller is in a charging station or plugged in so it doesn't shut off. If the controller shuts off, the game automatically pauses.
    2. Go into the game saving options and set Auto-record to No. If you record the game play, the record buffer fills up after about 5 hours and will pause the game prompting you to save your recording.
    3. Play through the first 3 levels in arcade mode normally.
    4. On the fourth level, simply copy what I do in the video.

    There are only 3 safe spots in this video, and I show all of them. If you move off of these safe spots, you will get hit by the skull and crossbones, or by a pirate breaking through a barrel. The trick here is not to be adjacent to any barrel that a pirate can be adjacent to on the other side. If this happens, they will break through the barrel and get you. You also can't stay along the bottom because of the skull and crossbones. I show all of the things to avoid in the video.

    This trick only works on the bonus levels because the captains don't jump in barrels, so there is no concern about them moving them.

    These trophies pop instantly when you reach the required time, so no need to exit and save. Hope this helps!

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    I'll put this in my guide as a useful tip (credited of course). Good job, mate .

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    I will have to try this myself. Nice job on finding a way to get these trophies Skippycue.
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