hey guys - for the "getting gold on every hunter mission" the London Arena that is 'poor design' here's a tip! In round 5/5 if you go to the balcony (either 1, as eventually it comes to both and KEEPS coming) grab a missile and when you see the helicopter, drive and jump shooting at the heli to take him down in 1 shot. Gives somewhere between 1-200 points per take down. I took him down 3 times (with the round being 2 minutes long it helps). If you see him on the other side of the courtyard, don't worry about driving over there as he will just come back to the other balcony and line up perfectly for your jump. Hope this helps guys!! I went into the 5th round with having 200ish points, shot down the heli 3 times and ended with 780 points!! It's WAY easier than chasing all those stupid cars around, and not one time in the 5th round did a random car come up to the balcony and try to shoot at me. Hope this helps you guys at, I know that was about the only snag I had in the game. Good luck!