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Dark Souls PvP Tournament

This is a discussion on Dark Souls PvP Tournament within the Dark Souls forum, part of the D; Originally Posted by cocoasg Hey, it is a bit disappointing that this tournament did not go through, it seems. BTW, ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cocoasg View Post
    Hey, it is a bit disappointing that this tournament did not go through, it seems. BTW, JackAttack, I had sent you a friend request for our DKS duel a long time ago but you had not accepted it for a very long time since I assume you were very busy with baseball and other RL stuff?
    I don't know, I don't remember getting a FR from you, but if I did it's possible I deleted it if you hadn't put, "HEY FUCKTARD IT'S COCOASG FROM PS3T, LET'S PLAY DARK SOULS." in it.

    Quote Originally Posted by D3C1MaTi0n View Post
    The DS Tourney that I hosted went through, given that was a long time ago before the site crashed, obviously I won all the matches besides 1 of 3 with Nero

    If anyone wants to PvP on DkS and they are around SL 101, I'm down, just add me on PSN and we can figure it out eventually
    I might take you up on this at a later date. At the moment I'm very burnt out on Dark Souls after playing like 300+ hours of it.

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    im in

    count me in I been looking to get into these for awhile.only been playing pvp for about a month but got DS day one.i buy new games but they dint hold a candle to dark souls.i got my internet connection just for playing DS online I use my phone for everythong else.anyway I been looking for reliable people to play with please keep me posted id appreciate it and thanks.i hope things like this are organized more often

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    This is pretty much dead, mate. Just wasn't enough interest in it. Sorry. I'll close this thread up now.

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