I just wanted to post this youtube channel, as it is pretty decent for a good PvP channel, the guy has parry instructions, a lot of weapons tests and build tests, as well as other things

Here are all of the movesets for all of the weapons in the game
Part 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjmFF13qSvw
Part 2 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotat...&v=Dgwg8Xlfnc0

I will also be testing a lot of this stuff myself once Hitman has hooked me up with a mule to generate characters, currently my main build is a Level 125 Ulchi build

If you want to be pro like me and plan out your builds ahead of time, you can download this sweet stat planner and do damage tests against all types of characters

Also I found this on the demon's souls forum, I find it to be pretty accurate, by Jman1988
Demon's Souls Wiki Forums • Thread - What are the top-tier weapons? And your thoughts on MLGS

"Top Level, A+: The reasoning is in the name. The appearances of these weapons will even make some people roll their eyes at times. If someone put a gun to your head and said if you don't win your next fight that you'll die, you'd reach for one of these.

Serious, A-: While these aren't TOP top level weapons, they can be argued to be among the top weapons in the game. They just have a relative shortcoming that distinguishes them from their nearly flawless counterparts, hence why they get the same letter grade, but a different mark. When people see these weapons make tournament appearances, it does not cause anyone to blink.

Non-Serious weapons that are good, B: When these appear in tournaments, it raises an eyebrow, but they're treated with respect as a means for murder. No one's going to argue that they are top tier weapons, and a few would go so far as to call these weapons bad, but the overall opinion is that they are good weapons.

Functional, C: This is actually a pretty damning category. These are bad weapons. While their conception/properties are rational in some light, the result is either a weapon that not effective at much of anything, or a weapon that is obsoleted by something else, and have no logical reason to be chosen over said thing. The only things going for these weapons are that they are technically functional, and don't belong in the next tier.

Dysfunctional, F: There's a lot of bad names you could call these weapons, but the least inflammatory but still damning word that comes to mind is "dysfunctional". There's something entirely inept about one or more properties to these weapons. Their only purpose is for intricate suicide, or utter disrespect and/or humiliation of the opponent.

I haven't gone out of my way to officially sort out every single weapon into the tiers, but here's an idea of what weapons would go in which tiers. These weapons are not listed in any particular order within their respective categories.

Top Level Weapons
Washing Pole
Chaos Blade
Great Scythe
Moonlight Greatsword
Balder Side Sword
Velka's Rapier
Silver Knight Spear
Demon's Spear
Moonlight Butterfly Horn
Black Knight Greataxe
maybe some others I missed.

Serious Weapons
Great Club
Large Club
Demon Great Axe
Sunlight Straight Sword
Man-Serpent Greatsword
certainly some others I missed.

Non-Serious Weapons that are good
Greatsword of Artorias (cursed)
Butcher Knife
Golem Axe
Gargoyle Tail Axe
Dragonslayer Spear
Demon Great Machete
Bandit Knife
Dragon King Greataxe
Gravelord Greatsword

Functional Weapons
Mail Breaker
Greatlord Greatsword
Bastard Sword
Stone Greatsword
Greatsword of Artorias (true)
Barbed Straight Sword
Broad Sword
Dark Sword
Short Sword
Demon Great Hammer
Priscilla's Dagger
Battle Axe

Dysfunctional Weapons
Parrying Dagger
Drake Sword
Crystal Straight Sword
Astora's Straight Sword
Straight Sword Hilt
Broken Sword
Ghost Blade
Jagged Ghost Blade
Dark Hand"