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Awesome PvP Idea

This is a discussion on Awesome PvP Idea within the Dark Souls forum, part of the D; I just thought an organized PvP would be a lot of fun. You may think to yourself that this isn't ...

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    Awesome PvP Idea

    I just thought an organized PvP would be a lot of fun. You may think to yourself that this isn't a new idea. You would be right in a sense, but I want to do things differently.

    It would be a marathon pvp tournament. One person would summon two white phantoms and summon/invade (depending on the stone) one red phantom. One white phantom at a time would try to fight off the invader without any help from the other two. If both phantoms were defeated then the player whose world it is would fight the black phantom. This was a lot of fun in demon's souls so I thought it would be cool for this game too.

    Now with a tournament there would of course be rules. No ring of fog, no vow of silence, and no tranquil walk of peace. The player may not use estus flasks mid battle to heal the phantoms.However any type of healing miracle would be allowed. Black phantoms would be allowed a healing period in between fights. Other than these guide lines, anything goes.

    If you are interested in this post your psn id. I was thinking of people from soul lvl 80-100 would be ideal. The location would be agreed on by the participants of course.

    If anyone has any suggestion on rules please post them. It would be greatly appreciated.
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    I created a tournament for PvP on Dark Souls a while back, but closed it because it'd be impossible. Too many servers; there's no chance you could play with a friend. Even if you could, you'd have to have everyone at a specific soul level. I doubt it'd work, which is why my tourny was closed. Sorry, my friend.

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