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Dark Souls Area Roadmap

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    Dark Souls Area Roadmap

    [top]Dark Souls Area Roadmap

    Map is for illustrative purposes only.

    I often see that people are confused as to which areas to do next in Dark Souls given its open world style. Below is a very general roadmap of the optimal path. This is, of course, my opinion and since it is open world, you can do areas as you see fit. I'll try to provide some reasoning, where applicable, and mention any particular aspects you may need to know about the area ahead of time. When I use the term miniboss, I typically refer to non-spawning enemies in the game, hence why enemies such as Black Knights are included. Feel free to provide constructive feedback as this is a work in progress.

    I mark some areas as "optional" and what this refers to is that they're optional with regard to the story, and do not hinder forward progress in the campaign. However, there may be trophies associated with venturing into theses places, so be sure to check out the trohy guide before completely dismissing an area. At a minimum, you should try to visit every location at least once in NG, assuring that you've covered everything as thoroughly as possible. Some optional places can be skipped in future playthroughs, although others may still be needed.

    One important tip, at least for me, was to frequently visit Firelink Shrine after clearing an area, especially if you met an NPC along the way. This makes it so that you don't miss any required encounters with NPCs for their quest lines.

    [top]Northern Undead Asylum (Tutorial)

    Boss: Asylum Demon

    You'll pick up your loadout gear, along with your Estus Flasks and get to fight your first boss--Dark Souls' version of the Vanguard Demon. This is a straightforward level. The NPC Snuggly the Crow's nest can be found here near the end of the level. However, starting out you won't have anything to trade, so wait until you make your return trip to the Asylum.

    [top]Firelink Shrine

    For all intents and purposes, this is the hub in Dark Souls...the "Nexus", if you will. It is where many of the games NPCs will come to when you've encountered/rescued them.

    • Crestfallen Warrior
    • Petrus of Thorolund
    • Anastacia of Astora
    • Griggs of Vinheim (after rescuing)
    • Laurentius of the Great Swamp (after rescuing)
    • Knight Lautrec (after rescuing or after the Bell Gargoyles fight)
    • Big Hat Logan (after rescuing from Sen's Fortress)
    • Kingseeker Frampt (After ringing the Second Bell of the Awakening)
    • Ingward (after completing New Londo Ruins)
    • Patches (after speaking to him in the Tomb of the Giants, and completing the area)

    [top]Undead Burg

    Boss: Black Knight; Taurus Demon; Hellkit (red) Dragon

    This is the first area you'll want to venture to on your journey. The enemies are your standard low-level enemies that shouldn't give people too much trouble. You'll encounter your first merchant in this area. Make sure to speak to the NPC Knight Solaire of Astora near the bridge the red dragon guards.

    • Male Undead Merchant
    • Knight Solaire of Astora

    [top]Undead Parish

    Miniboss: Armored Tusk; Black Knight; Channeler; Heavy Knight
    Boss: Bell Gargoyles

    Once you manage to get past the Hellkite dragon, either by making it across the bridge, or going underneath, you'll come to the Parish. Most of the enemies are the same variety as the Burg, with a few Balder Knights which are a bit tougher. The Heavy Knight is on the first floor of the Church, guarding a Firekeeper soul, and the Channeler is on the second floor with a horde of undead minions.

    If you don't have the Master key, you'll want to make sure you snag the Basement Key off a corpse sitting by the large gate leading to the front of the church. From where the boar is, you'll have to get to the other side of the gate to get the key. Also, to rescue Knight Lautrec, you can either defeat the Gargoyles and he'll appear at Firelink Shrine automatically, or you can grab the Mystery Key while you're down in the lower levels and rescue him with the key. If you rescue him, he'll appear back at Firelink Shrine, and if you talk to him before the Gargoyle Fight, you'll be able to summon him along with Knight Solaire, assuming you talk to Solaire in the Undead Burg.

    • Knight Lautrec of Astora - Second floor of the church in a secret area. Once freed, he'll make his way to Firelink Shrine.
    • Blacksmith Andre - From the side entrance of the church, take the path leading into the forest and go down the stairs.
    • Oswald of Carim - Appears after you've rung the First Bell of the Awakening, at the bottom of the bell tower.

    [top]Northern Undead Asylum (Revisited) (Optional)

    Boss: Stray Demon

    While going back to the Asylum is purely optional, it is highly recommended. You can fight the Stray Demon. This is the "big brother" of the Asylum Demon. This is the one that was walking around underneath the floor in the room you fought the Asylum Demon. Beating the Stray Demon gives you one of only three Titanite Slabs in the game. Aside from the slab, you can pick up the Rusted Irong Ring (assuming you grabbed the key in Firelink Shrine that opens the door to it) and the Peculiar Doll. The Rusted Iron Ring will come in handy when you make your way to Blighttown, and the Peculiar Doll will allow you to access the (optional) Painted World of Ariamis.

    • Hollow knight Oscar of Astora - This is the same guy that gave you the Estus Flask at the beginning of the game. He's gone hollow and will try to kill you. Once defeated, he drops the Crest Shield, which blocks 80% magic damage.
    • Snuggly the Crow - As you arrive back at the Asylum, clear out the first area of the 4-5 enemies and then look on a ledge to the left, and the nest will be at the far end. Approach the nest, and you'll hear Snuggly speak.

    [top]Darkroot Garden (Optional)

    Miniboss: Prowling Demon (guarding the entrance to Darkroot Garden by Blacksmith Andre)

    I say this area is optional because the only thing you will be doing here is farming the Demonic Foliage for moss clumps for areas you'll venture into later that deal various types of status damage. If you're not into farming, then you are able to purchase moss clumps from a merchant you'll encounter later in the game. However, they are rather costly for players early on in the game that don't have a good bank of souls. Each clump costs a minimum 500 souls.

    [top](Lower) Undead Burg (Optional)

    If you have the Master Key, you can skip this area.

    Boss: Capra Demon

    This area requires the Basement Key to access it.This area's enemies consist of undead dogs and assassins, both of which deal bleeding damage, although, it isn't much. You'll probably die from HP loss before you die of bleeding. However, it doesn't hurt to have some Bloodred Moss Clumps, hence the farming earlier in the Darkroot Garden.

    The area boss battle with the Capra Demon takes place in a very small, enclosed area, and he has two attack dogs with him, which make the fight somewhat difficult, so keep that in mind. The key to the fight is probably to kill the dogs ASAP and then it's just you and the Capra and the fight becomes more manageable. The Capra Demon drops the key to the Depths.

    • Griggs of Vinheim - As you arrive in the lower undead burg, turn right and follow the path behind you. He is locked in one of the rooms on the left, which requires the Residence key to open. The Residence Key can be purchased from the Male Undead Merchant in the Undead Burg. Once rescued, he'll make his way to Firelink Shrine and will teach you spells.
    • Undead Female Merchant - If you venture through the path that's at the top of a set of stairs either before or after you defeat the Capra, it'll take you back to the sewers in Firelink Shrine. The Female merchant is located here, and sells various moss clumps and, more importantly, purging stones, which you may want to purchase just in case. NOTE: Oswald of Carim also sells Purging Stones, and I believe they are a bit cheaper.

    [top]The Depths (Optional)

    If you have the Master Key, you can skip this area.

    Miniboss: Butcher (x2); Large Undead Rat
    Boss: Gaping Dragon

    This area requires the Key to the Depths to access it. This area consists of enemies with torches, attack dogs that deal bleeding, undead rats that deal poison, but most importantly, Basilisks (frog-like creatures) whose mist deals Curse, which cuts your HP in half until you lift it. To lift the curse, you'll need purging stones which you can purchase from the female undead merchant or from Oswald of Carim. The Gaping Dragon drops the key to Blighttown.

    • Laurentius of the Great Swamp - This guy is in a side room early on in the Depths trapped in a barrel. To free him, roll into the barrel. Striking it will cause him to think you're attacking him and make him hostile. Once rescued, he'll make his way to Firelink Shrine.


    If you have the Master Key, you can come here right after ringing the First Bell of the Awakening in the Undead Church. From Firelink Shrine, take the elevator down to New Londo Ruins, and instead of going into New Londo Ruins, head to the right into the other tower, and climb the stairs and unlock the door to the Valley of Drakes. Cross the wooden bridge and go through the large tunnel into Blighttown. Alternatively, if you don't have the key and came through the Depths, the entrance to Blighttown is right by where Domnhall of Zena was sitting.

    Miniboss: Parasitic Wall Hugger
    Boss: Chaos Witch Quelaag

    This area is notoriously dangerous because almost every enemy deals poison status, and a few deal toxic status, which is even worse. You'll want to make sure you have a good supply of purple moss clumps and blooming purple moss clumps before venturing into Blighttown. Depending on whether you came in through the Valley of the Drakes or through the Depths will determine where you come out in Blighttown. Coming through the Valley of the Drakes bypasses an entire area, so that's probably the preferred method, unless you're the exploring type. keep in mind, if you come through the Depths, you'll encounter blowdart snipers--the guys dealing the toxic status. Once they die, they do not respawn. Another good thing to have in Blighttown is the Spider Shield. Once is found in the sewer area of the Depths, and another can be found in the Valley of the Drakes.

    • Maneater Mildred - If you're in human form in the swamp, she'll appear as a black phantom invader. Defeat her, and if you're in human form for the boss battle, you'll be able to summon her right at the fog door.
    • Quelana of Izalith - She'll appear near a column in the swamp near the bonfire after defeating the area boss. Although it is not 100% certain, it is believed that you need to have an fully upgraded pyromancy flame (+15) in order for her to appear, although some have had her appear without it.

    [top]Darkroot Garden (Revisited)

    Boss: Moonlight Butterfly
    Boss: Sif, the Great Gray Wolf

    You may have come here earlier to farm moss clumps, but this time you can take on the area bosses. The path to the Moonlight butterfly is not locked in any way, however the Path to Sif has several ways you can take. Although, the easiest is probably to purchase the Crest of Artorias from the Blacksmith Andre and just use the large door in the forest. Cut through this first section of the forest, avoiding the hostile NPC's and going into the building where you can find Alvina. Come out the other side, and just continue along the perimeter and you'll eventually see a huge light that's the entrace to the Sif battle. The area to the Moonlight Butterfly is to the right of the locked door, and as I said, there's no obstacle preventing forward progression in that area. There are some stone enemies in that area that cast the Tranquil Walk of Peace miracle, so keep that in mind. The Witch Beatrice can be summoned for the Moonlight Butterfly battle; her ss is right underneath the first set of stairs in the building leading up to the boss battle.

    • Alvina - This is the covenant character for the Forest Hunter covenant. After unlocking the large door in the forest, go straight through until you come to the building on the other side of the forest, and once you enter, look to your left and she'll be sitting on the window sill.
    • Shiva of the East - This merchant appears right outside the aforementioned building upon joining the covenant.

    [top]Darkroot Basin (Optional)

    Miniboss: Hydra

    This area is somewhat optional since there's nothing really there that precludes you continuing with the story. If you choose to fight the Hydra and manage to kill it, leave, and return to the area, you can follow the water along the left side (avoiding the huge pit where the Hydra was) and go toward the back area. A golden golem will have spawned. Kill the golem and you rescue an NPC merchant, Dusk of Oolacille, that sells you various spells, one of which is Cast Light, which is useful in the Tomb of the Giants.

    • Dusk of Oolacille - Her Soul Sign appears near the shoreline by the lake where you fought the Hydra after you free her from the Golem.

    [top]The Catacombs

    You will need a Divine weapon for this area, to prevent the necromancers in the Catacombs from respawning already-dead skeletons. Otherwise, they'll respawn indefinitely no matter how many times you kill them, until you've killed the necromancers.

    The only reason I place this area so early on the "to-do" list is because if you can make it to the boss, it's worth it. The area boss has very low HP and is easy to kill. What's more, killing the area boss, Pinwheel, gives you the Rite of Kindling, allowing you to kindle bonfires to 20 Estus Flasks!

    The enemies consist of tough skeletons resembling the ones from the Shrine of Storms, so make sure your weapon is strong, and you're a decent level by now. Try to be somewhat thorough in the Catacombs. There is a Prowling Demon near the coffin where you can lay in to enter Nito's covenant. Also, behind a breakable wall there is a dark chamber with some archer skellies and a giant skelly that has the Darkmoon Seance Ring, which you'll need to enter the Blades of the Darkmoon covenant later on in Anor Londo.

    Near the end of the stage, you'll encounter some bonewheel skeletons that can destroy your stamina, so make sure you have a shield that has high stability. If you were thorough in Blighttown, you may have come across the Eagle Shield, which, when upgraded, has very good stability. In that same area leading to the boss, is also a black knight. Get to the end, kill the boss, and Homeward bone your way back to a bonfire and leave the Catacombs. You'll have to come back later, in passing, to get to the Tomb of the Giants. There is a shortcut involving a few drops that you can use, also, to bypass pretty much the entire level when you make your return trip on your way to the Tomb of the Giants.

    • Blacksmith Vamos - You'll come to a point where you'll descend a spiral staircase and you can see a treasure below you. Dro down onto the ledge. If you heal, and drop down again, you'll come to a hole in a roof. Drop down through the hole and you'll reach the Blacksmith. He'll make a way out for you to go along your way. The way out he provides leads to the same area where the bonewheel skeletons and the black knight are, so proceed cautiously.

    [top]Sen's Fortress

    Boss: Iron Golem

    The entrance to Sen's Fortress is near Andre the Blacksmith; just follow the path leading outside from the bonfire that's right above him. This area is full of traps and the monsters are relatively strong. You'll encounter your first mimic (an enemy that looks just like a treasure chest). You can tell if it's a mimic by either attacking the chest and seeing if it moves, or if you want to be safer, by looking at the chain on the right. If the end of the chain points away from you, then it's a real chest. if it's pointing toward you, then it's a mimic. Mimics are reasonably strong enemies, so be cautious.

    After you've made it back outside, you'll come across a bridge that has a broken section that you can jump and leads to a tower. Inside the tower is a merchant that sells some neat items. At the bottom of the tower is a mage serpent guarding the Cage Key. This key is used to unlock the cages in the level, letting you use the two in the nearby tower as a shortcut to the beginning of the level. Also, if you used the huge ball mechanism to break the wall where the serpent was sleeping against, it should've unlocked a secret area where you can free Bit Hat Logan. Once rescued, he'll make his way to Firelink Shrine and will teach you some spells, assuming your INT stat is high enough...15 if I'm not mistaken.

    If you're in human form, right before the boss fog, you can cross the narrow bridge to a nearby tower where you can summon Iron Tarkus, who can help tremendously with the boss, although the boss is relatively easy. Once you've beaten the Iron Golem, touch the ring of light and you'll be transported away by a group of demons to Anor Londo.

    NOTE: If you arrive at Anor Londo and have unfinished business in Sen's Fortress (or any other starting area), just 'talk' to the demon that's perched up on the wall and he'll call his friends to take you back to Sen's Fortress.

    • Big Hat Logan - He's in an hidden area behind a wall that you can break using the mechanism shooting the large rocks. The wall is the one that the serpent is sleeping/leaning up against near the beginning of the area.
    • Siegmeyer of Catarina - He's in the first area you encounter where the boulders are rolling down the ramp. It's the same area where you find the Ring of Steel Protection. He'll be down on the lower ledge. You need to talk to him here in order for him to appear at his next spot as part of his questline.
    • Crestfallen Merchant - He's in a tower that you can get to by jumping over a gap in the bridge; it is near the end of the area.
    • Iron Tarkus - You can summon him from inside the tower that's to the right of the boss fog door.

    [top]Anor Londo

    Miniboss: Gargoyle (x2)
    Boss: Smough and Ornstein

    This area is full of "strong" to "very strong" enemies in the form of Giants, Gargoyles, Silver Knights, and Batwing Demons. You'll be able to join the Blades of the Darkmoon Covenant once you activate the rotating bridge in the center of the outside area. There is a part where you have to go up a narrow beam while silver knight archers are shooting Dragonslayer arrows at you. Fortunately, there is a tower that you can hide from them while you collect yourself. If you have a bow and some poison arrows, you can snipe at them from a ledge behind this tower (you'll see what I mean when you get to that part) and let the poison do the work. To be honest, the one on the right is the one you're most interested in taking out because he's the one blocking your path. Once you're inside the palace and past the archers, it's a lot safer as you no longer have to worry about precarious ledges. As soon as you go through the fog after the archers, go into the first room on your left and you'll find the last bonfire of the stage. The linear path of the game will force you to open a shortcut that leads from this bonfire through a couple of rooms to the boss fog. The last room right before the boss battle room allows you to summon Knight Solaire if you're in human form.

    If you're going for the it's probably easier to kill Smough (the fat one) first and then deal with super Ornstein second in NG, and kill them in the reverse order in NG+. You need both souls for the platinum, and you get the soul of whomever you kill last. I find Super Smough easier than Super Ornstein, hence why I recommend you killing Super Ornstein in NG rather than waiting to kill him in NG+ when he'll be much stronger.

    • Lady of the Darklin - She's a firekeeper that's guarding the first bonfire you get to when you arrive in Anor Londo.
    • Giant Blacksmith - To get to him, once you arrive in the large room before the boss battle, take the stairs up and around until you come to an opening on the far end of the room. Climb down the set of stairs and the blacksmith will be at the bottom.
    • Knight Solaire - You can summon him for the boss fight in the large room right before the boss, where the archer and the two giants are.

    [top]Painted World of Ariamis (Optional)

    Crossbreed Priscilla

    If you acquired the Peculiar Doll from the Northern Undead Asylum when you went back, then head to the painting room at the bottom of the rotating bridge, take out all the assassins guarding the large painting at the opposite side of the room and touch the painting to enter the painted world. Once you're in there, you can't return to the real world until you clear the area.

    The area consists of enemies of varying difficulty, so be prepared. Also, there are enemies that can cause toxic status so make sure to bring plenty of blooming purple moss. While you're here, you can also farm 10 Souvenirs of Reprisal from the harpies which you'll need to satisfy a covenant requirement for a miracle/spell.

    The area is big, but not overwhelmingly big, but it's neat to explore. The only bonfire is the one at the start of the stage, so keep that in mind. There is a sewer level underground that you need to get the annex key from in order to unlock another part of the area. There are trick walls in the sewer, so be thorough.

    Once you've unlocked the annex area, make sure to snag the Dark Ember for forging Occult weapons. In the stage, you'll find three magic items consisting of the Vow of Silence miracle, and two pyromancies: Acide Surge and Fire Surge.

    In general, just try to be as thorough as possible in the Painted World because there is a lot of loot to be ... erm, looted.

    If you're in human form, and venture off into the area on the right with all the crates, you'll have an NPC invader in the form of Black Phantom Xanthous King Jeremiah invade you. If you manage to kill him, his armor set will be waiting for you as you leave the Painted World.

    The Painted World is also where you can acquire the red soapstone allowing you to invade other players without the use of a covenant item.

    The area boss, the Crossbreed Priscilla, is a strange one. When you enter the boss room, she will not be hostile and ask you to leave without causing any trouble. You may do so, or you may engage in battle with her. If you start to fight, you cannot leave until she is dead. Leave by jumping off the plank at the opposite end from the entrance.

    [top]The Great Hollow/Ash Lake (Optional)

    Miniboss: Hydra

    This area is purely optional in terms of story, but from a trophy perspective, it will require you to come at least once to pick up a miracle and to join a covenant. The entrance to the Great Hollow is on the opposite side of the swamp from the entrance to Quelaag's Domain. Obviously, if you're going to be in the swamp you'll want to bring some purple moss clumps. Additionally, there are basilisks in the Great Hollow that can curse you, so bring some curse-resisting items with you.

    What makes the Great Hollow so tricky is that you have to maneuver down a set of branches and have to fight enemies while not falling. Once you reach the bottom you come out to Ash Lake, and you have a welcome party in the form of another Hydra, although, I think this one has more heads and is a bit tougher to kill. Whatever strategy you used to kill the other one should work here. Additionally, if you're lucky enough, there is a blind spot behind the trees to the left that apparently you can shoot arrows from and the hydra's attack won't be able to hit you. The only other type of enemies here in Ash Lake are giant clams. Don't let their appearance fool you, though. They have a decent amount of HP and can cause massive damage.

    The hollow also has a few crystal lizards, one of which drops a titanite slab, so pay special attention. Also, remember that if a lizard escapes (and doesn't die) you can quit and reload your game and it'll reappear at it's originating point. You can ambush it and kill it easily.

    Make youre way across the lake via the ash road and you'll come to the Everlasting Stone Dragon at the end. Join his covenant for the trohy, and cut off his tail since it's a unique weapon. Since you've already picked up the Lordvessel by now, use the nearby bonfire to warp back out to safety. Otherwise, you have to make your journey by backtracking, which is a me, I had to do it.

    [top]New Londo Ruins

    Boss: Four Kings

    You will need transient curse in order to be able to fight the ghosts that inhabit New Londo. You can purchase three Transient Curse items from the female undead merchant in the firelink sewer. There are another two that you can loot off of a corpse that's in a vase right before the first wooden bridge leading into New Londo. The ghosts often drop a couple as well. About half-way through the level, there's a merchant that sells an infinite amount of transient curse.

    If you enter the area, and kill the first two ghosts, and hang a right, and then another right, you will see an item off in the distance. That is a firekeeper souls. Keep in mind that when you go to pick it up, you'll be surrounded by ghosts, so don't go out there with a large quantity of souls on you. it's probably best to pick up the item and just suicide and start fresh. You can reinforce your flask with the firekeeper in Firelink on the way back.

    Either way, your first task is to clear the water out of the area, so make your way around the stage, until you get to a room with a ghost that shoots lightning. In that room there will be a chimney with a ladder that you can climb up. Climb it and you'll find the NPC. He'll give you the key you need to access the area to clear the water out of the level.

    Once you've cleared the water, you have a couple of options. You can continue on with the level looting as you go along because there is valuable stuff in New Londo, in particular, the Very Large Ember which you can give to the Blacksmith Andre which lets him modify and reinforce weapons to +15 via the normal path. Alternatively, with the water cleared, you have enabled yourself to be able to make a dash for the boss fog, bypassing most of the level. The route is tough to describe, but a YouTube Video should do the trick. Once you've beaten the area boss, you can come back and take your time looting the place then, if you so desire. The main reason I like doing it this way is because there is no bonfire in New Londo, obviously. So, you're limited to the number of estus flasks you get from the Firelink bonfire. I like to save as many estus for the boss fight and then come back later and loot the place without having to worry about not having enough estus left for the boss battle.

    If you didn't take the Lordvessel to the alter by now, once you beat the Four Kings, Darkstalker Kaathe will appear after the battle and will offer to take you to place the Lordvessel. Additionally, you can join his covenant if you wish.

    • Ingward - He will be standing on top of a building, and will sell you items and be able to cure your curse. Once you've cleared New Londo, he will reappear at Firelink Shrine and continue to sell you items, if necessary.

    [top]The Duke's Archives/The Crystal Cave

    Miniboss: Armored Tusk (x2)
    Boss: Seath the Scaleless

    Before venturing here, make sure to buy a good supply of Prism stones from the female undead merchant in the Firelink sewer; they may come in handy, especially your first time going through the Crystal Cave as you have to cross a couple of invisible bridges. If you intend on seeking the Blue Titanite Slab, you'll certainly need as many prism stones as you can afford.

    Make your way from the first Anor Londo bonfire, and head left. The path is linear so you can't get lost. You'll encounter a couple of armored tusks that don't respawn. Use whatever you have at yoru disposal with them because right after, there is a bonfire that you can replenish your items at. Make your way from floor to floor, using the elevators at the far end of each room. You'll come to a small room with some stairs on the right. Kill the enemy there and head through the fog to "fight" Seath. You can't kill him here, so just wait till he kills you, but watch your curse meter. If you die, it's supposed to happen, but if you get cursed, you'd better make sure you have some Purging stones. Alternatively, you can equip the Ring of Sacrifice if you want to keep any active humanity and/or souls you have. Or, you could also use the Rare Ring of Sacrifice in case you feel you may get cursed by Seath's breath attack.

    After you spawn in the cell, make your way through the area, and you ultimately arrive back in the library. Be on the lookout for the key that rescues Big Hat Logan from the cell back in the area with the Pisacas (assuming you rescued him in Sen's Fortress). Make sure to free him before fighting Seath. He'll reappear in the archive, in the small room on the ground floor with the channeler's set. Purchase any magic you need from him now because it'll be your last chance till next playthrough. There's a bonfire on the balcony on the ground floor of the room with the door leading outside. Take the time to equip whatever items you need here such as curse-resisting armor or items since Seath can cause curse. Assming you made it through the archive, you'll end up outside, and on your way to the Crystal Cave. There are golems out here, so either take them out or run past them. Here's where the Prism Stones come in handy. You have to cross two invisible bridges to get to Seath.

    Take out the team of large clam monsters and go into the large area where Seath will appear. After you beat Seath, and assuming you rescued Logan, go back to the room where you had your first encounter with Seath and Logan will be there. He'll be hostile at this point, so don't hesitate to kill him. In that same room is an ember, so be sure to grab that while you're there.

    • Big Hat Logan - Assuming you rescued him in Sen's Fortress, he'll be locked up in a cell in the area where you respawn after you die to Seath the first time. The key to unlock the cell has to be acquired after you've made your way back into the library. Once you have the key, come back and rescue him and he'll travel to the archive where he'll sell you more magic. Eventually, he travel to the room where you first encountered Seath, goes insane and you have to kill him (after the second Seath fight).

    [top]Demon Ruins/Lost Izalith (Optional)

    Bosses: Ceaseless Discharge; Firesage (optional); Centipede Demon (Optional); Bed of Chaos
    Miniboss: Quelaana of Izalith;

    This area is full of nothing but ... demons. In order to access it, though, you have to kill the Ceaseless Discharge boss that's creating all the lava in the place. After that, you can proceed. The initial area as you descend the hill, has a group of Taurus demons guarding an ember. The other side of this area is where you continue on, though. This area has some Capra demons as well as more Taurus demons, along with burrowing worms that surprise-attack you and some stone statue-looking demons.

    You'll come to a point in the stage where you will have a fog door in front of you for the Firesage fight and a huge tree root to your right, leading down a tunnel. If you are rank +2 in the Chaos Servant covenant, you'll be able to go down the tunnel to the right and open the huge door that provides a very nice shortcut into Lost Izalith, bypassing the Firesage boss fight and the Centipede Demon boss fight. Also, it's important to note, if you spoke with Solaire at the Firelink Altar after the Anor Londo stage, he will appear here in the shortcut. Be sure to kill all the sunlight maggots before going through into Lost Izalith the first time. otherwise, Solaire will turn hollow and turn hostile. What's more, he won't be able to be summoned for the final battle with Gwyn. Lastly, killing all the sunlight maggots will net you the sunlight maggot helm which is extremly useful in the Tomb of the Giants.

    However, if you are not a member then proceed on to the Firesage fight. Basically, it's like fighting the Stray Demon all over again, so use a similar technique. From there, you'll climb down some stairs, and be able to find a bonfire. If you go up, you'll be able to open a shortcut to the Chaos Servant bonfire. Otherwise, proceed down the stairs and tackle the Centipede fight. If you're human, you'll be able to summon Solaire for this fight.

    For the centipede fight, if you can manage to cut off its tail, I believe, it drops the Orange Charred Ring. If you can manage to equip it during the fight, it'll make the rest of it relatively easy as it'll minimize the damage you take from the lava.

    If you used the shortcut to get to Lost Izalith, the trip to the Bed of Chaos is relatively short. If you went the conventional way, though, you have a bit of work as you have to go through an area that's practically all lava and has a bunch of the half-dinosaur looking monsters. After that, most of the enemies you have to face will be the stone-statue like monsters like the ones in the Demon Ruins.

    If you managed to rescue Siegmeyer of Catarina up to Anor Londo, he should've appeared at Firelink Shrine. If you spoke with him there, his next appearance would've been the swamp in Blighttown--from the bonfire, head left all the way and he'll be near the entrance to the Great Hollow. If you gave him some purple moss to continue on his quest, you will see him here in Lost Izalith. He'll be in the area where the floor caves in underneath you. He's looking down at the pit of chaos eaters. Do not talk to him when you first see him. Instead, try to kill the Chaos eaters, except for one, although, leave him with as little health as possible. There are 5 total chaos eaters in the pit--four that are plainly visible, and one off to the side, so keep that in mind. You may have to leave one of the four visible ones alive, as the fifth (hidden) one may not count. Essentially, you have to have him drop down into battle with the remaining Chaos Eater and have him kill it, hence why I said leave it with as little HP as possible. If he survives the fight with more than 50% HP, his quest line continues, offering you the opportunity for another Titanite Slab. Otherwise, he'll die here and now and drop some nice items.

    Make your way to the Bed of Chaos fight, killing the Daughter of Chaos pyromancer along the way, and the invading Black Phantom Kirk Knight of Thorns, if you're in human form. The Bed of Chaos is a gimmick fight, and should present too much trouble. It somewhat resembles the Dragon God fight from Demon's Souls.

    • Siegmeyer of Catarina - He'll be by the Chaos Eater pit where the floor caves in on you. See above on what you have to do to get his quest line to continue.

    [top]Blighttown and Ash Lake(Optional)

    After finishing in Lost Izalith and killing the Bed of Chaos, you have a couple of miscellaneous tasks in Blighttown and Ash Lake that will net you a pyromancy and a Titanite Slab.

    Go to the swamp in Blighttown and talk to Quelana of Izalith again and she'll reward you with a pyromancy for having killed the Bed of Chaos. From there, head to Ash Lake to the bonfire by the entrance where you fought the Hydra. If you completed the Siegmeyer/Sieglinde quest lines, they will both be there by the bonfire...sort of...and you'll receive your reward.

    • Quelana of Izalith - She'll be in the same spot she was before. Go to her to collect your reward for killing the Bed of Chaos. Quelana of Izalith - She'll be in the same spot she was before. Go to her to collect your reward for killing the Bed of Chaos.
    • Siegmeyer and Sieglinde of Catarina - They'll be by the first bonfire in Ash Lake, where you fought the Hydra. Warp to the bonfire by the Everlasting dragon, and backtrack, being careful not to aggro the man-eating clams, if possible.

    [top]The Tomb of the Giants

    Miniboss: Black Knight
    Boss: Gravelord Nito

    Ok, so you're coming down the home stretch. Make your way through the Catacombs and into the Tomb of the Giants. Equip your Sunlight Maggot helm, which you should've acquired recently from the Lost Izalith shortcut.

    That I know of, there's only one bonfire in the Tomb of the Giants, but it's so dark it's hard to tell. Just take your time slowly and make your way through the stage. Along your way, you'll encounter your old friend Patches from Boletaria. He'll be up to hie usual tricks, so just play along. Answer 'no' to being a cleric, and forgive him after he tricks you. After completing the Tomb, he'll appear at Firelink shrine to sell you stuff. You'll also find the lost friends of Petrus, Rhea and her two companions. However, the companions have gone hollow, so dispose of them. Rhea will appear at the altar in the Undead Church, where she will sell you some miracles. If you're in human form, you'll come to a tunnel where you'll be invaded by Black Phantom Palladin Leroy. He drops a weapon and a shield that are needed for a trophy, so try to take him out. However, watch his attack, because he uses a massive club (or dragon tooth) that has wide range and causes a lot of stamina drain/damage.

    Eventually, you'll come to a lighted room with a bunch of pinwheel servants and some baby skeletons running around in the water. If you explore a bit, you'll be able to find the one White Titanite Slab in the game, so make sure to grab it. Also, the baby skeletons here are an excellent source of humanity, so be sure to farm if you desire to, especially since it's sort of a pain in the ass to get here. May as well take advantage while you're here.

    After you farmed whatever humanity you need, head through the fog door and drop down to battle Nito. You'll once again need a divine weapon to start off because there will be respawning skeletons during the battle. Just make sure to stay close to the point where you dropped down and don't venture to the other side of the room because there are huge skeletons that will join in the fun, making your life that much more difficult.

    Once you've taken care of Nito, warp back to Firelink Shrine, and greet Patches and purchase whatever items you need. Also, don't forget to take the elevator shortcut to the church and purchase miracles from Rhea.

    • Rhea of Thorolund - She'll be in the area that Patches pushes you into. She'll be with the rest of her party, but she'll be the only friendly one so watch out for her buddies when they attack. "Rescue" her and she'll appear at the church in the Undead Parish immediately after exiting the Tomb of the Giants. She's only there temporarily so purchase any miracles from her ASAP.
    • Patches - He'll be on the ledge above the bonfire. He's out in the open, and relatively easy to spot.

    [top]Kiln of the First Flame

    Boss: Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

    Ok, so this is the final stage of the game. Keep in mind that once you beat Gwyn, you automatically start a new playthrough, so don't finish the stage until you've done everything you need in this playthrough. The Kiln of the First flame consists of 5 Black Knights and Gwyn himself. The Black Knights each drop a Titanite Slab. The first one drops a Titanite Slab, the second one drops a Red one, the third drops another Titanite slab, the four drops a Blue one, and the fifth drops a White one. The drop rate is 100% so this is the best place to farm for these. They also, on occasion, drop weapons, so if you haven't gotten all of the black knight items by now, you can easily get them here.

    After you've finished everything you need to finish in this playthrough, you can tackle Gwyn. If you managed to follow the Solaire quest line and actiaveted the shortcut to Lost Izalith (and spoke with him in the shortcut), he will be available to be summoned for this fight. To get to his soul sign, cross the "bridge" where the third black knight is, and once you get to the other side, look to your left, and you'll see the sign. it's probably a good idea to dispose of the last two knights before summoning Solaire, so that there's no chance of him losing HP before the boss fight.

    Gwyn can be formidable depending on how you fight him. With a friend, he's a bit easier because he can't focus on both of you at once. What's more, he always stops and turns to face whomever he's going to attack next, so it gives you a chance to get in some free hits. A human player will always be better than having Solaire with you, but Solaire does a good-enough job as well. I managed to beat Gwyn with Solaire's help in NG++.

    If you want a bit of a challenge, Gwyn is parry-able, so you can try a series of parries and ripostes for the win.
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    Thou shalt receive rep for thine epic piece of work.

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    this would be a clear one time example of why something like this should not be in the guide. very well written and thought out
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodigard View Post
    this would be a clear one time example of why something like this should not be in the guide. very well written and thought out
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    Thou shalt receive rep for thine epic piece of work.
    Wow, thanks fellas!

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    I have just started out, and this is exactly what I am looking for. Really excellent walkthrough/ guide, can't wait to get back home to play!

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