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My platinum trophy run experience

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    My platinum trophy run experience

    I would like to say that I have put in over 100 hundred hours of gameplay and still rising.

    I downloaded this game for FREE! via playstation network. After a few hours of playing I realized I was going to lose sleep because the game is that fun.

    Here's breakdown:

    The game is free to download but you are limited of how many characters you can create (2 characters only) and limit of $1,500 in-game currency. If you decide to pay a subscription (which I did) you can create 16 characters, unlimited amount of cash, 150 replay badges, access to all the DLC (downloadable content), and trade items/cash with friends.

    Let me explain why I chose to pay for the subscription (legendary staus):

    You can play the entire game with two characters (I would recommend a Hero and villian) and still experience a great game.

    The reason I decided to pay the subscription is a.) I'm not planning to get any games anytime soon b.) I want to get the full experience what the game can offer c.) I would like to play multiple characters with different weapons and powers and d.) unlimited cash and 150 replay badges

    My review

    First, I would like to say I am a huge DC fam, working together with your favorite DC character is very rewarding.

    The game has a lot to offer. Once you create your character you enter to an open world of Ai villians and heroes and other people like yourself trying complete a ton of side missions which you can pair up and complete it together.

    Note: when you create a character you have the option to choose PVE or PVP. PVE means player versus environment which I recommend because high level players will attack as soon as they see you if you're in PVP. Phase shifter allows you to migrate from from the PvE to the PvP, and vice versa. The phase shifter is located in the Watch Tower for heroes and Hall of Doom for villians.

    You start as level 1 and grind through the game until you hit level 30. My first playthrough was great because my friends and I helped eachother out to complete a lot of side missions and take down several bosses. As you progress through the story you'll be receiving a lot of loot which contains of better weapons, armor or items.

    Levels between 1-30 is basically a tutorial. Reaching to level 30 gets even better, the game offers different/bigger missions, game modes, etc. The other game modes are Raids and Tier, you can party up with 8 other players complete more challenging missions or you can pair up with 2-4 players for missions as well. The incentive for playing in the higher end missions are the loot and buy the Iconic battle suits.

    For those who want to compete with other players there is a game mode for that: PVP arenas and PVP legends.

    PVP arenas consists of different maps and game modes such as, captue the flag, team deathmatch, king of the hill, etc.

    Fyi, when you decide to play PVP arenas make sure you get some armor for that game type. Let me explain, for PVP you need to find armor that has a high amount of toughness. If you used the armor (armor that has a high amount of defense stats) you get from your 1st playthrough you will be taken out fast by other PVP players. You can find PVP armor at certain vendors throughout the game.

    PVP legends is very different, you can play as your favorite DC character against other players. You can play as the Joker, Batman, Bane, Power girl, Robin, Superman and many more. As for me, I chose Bizarro, its nothing better than playing as a dumb Superman LOL! However, it will take some work to play your favorite characters, you will need to earn Mark of Legends (another form of many in-game currency), and if you have Light dlc you will have more access to characters. This is one of my favorite game modes from the game.

    Having said that, the game does suffer technical issues, if you turn on your mic/headset in the game 50% of the time the other players can't hear you; so what you need to do is exit out the game completely turn on your mic/headset first and restart the game.

    If you are gong for platinum you will need to go through six playthroughs and 90% of the missions are the same. It doesn't make sense why would the developers decided to make a player to complete six playthroughs if He/She wants to get platinum. I won't be doing that again for any game.

    Needless to say, I would recommend this game to anyone who wants to experience an mmorpg (massive multiplayer online role playing game) that has tons of replayability.

    Note: as of today I am still playing the game for the dlc trophies

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    The game is fun, and I'll spend the $5 to get my slots increased to 6 (like if you just buy weapons or what not until you get $5 spent you get a little upgrade). Then once I get everyone to level 30, I'll buy a $15 subscription, then get the plat and possibly do the DLC.
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    I just bought the 30 sub, do I get any new clothing for my character?

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