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Metal Case Locations

This is a discussion on Metal Case Locations within the Dead Island Riptide forum, part of the D; So I have compiled a list of metal case locations and have made a record of what level of lockpicking ...

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    Metal Case Locations

    So I have compiled a list of metal case locations and have made a record of what level of lockpicking you need to open it. They are in the order that I came across them but have separated them by the different maps.

    If you are using this to farm weapons the level 3 lockpicking would be your best chance at claiming rare weapons. If you don't need the money, open it if it's not a rare weapon leave it and you can open it again before it would respawn if you leave the area and come back.

    The Jungle
    Case # Location
    1 In the hut accessed by the roof, near where you start.
    2 In the thin water section (on the map) just north of the hut where #1 was located.
    3 In the lower section (water level) on the right of Paradise Village on the lefthand side of the huts. LVL 1
    4 Right next to the last quest item for Chimamanda on the beach near where you started
    5 Out on the water next to the Sandy Cave entrance
    6 In the back of the Sandy Cave
    7 In the boot of a car outside James Nisira's Bungalow
    8 Same as #7 but next to the repair station
    9,10 Inside James Nisira's Bungalow (Deadzone)
    11,12,13 Inside the Abandoned Deadzone east of Paradise Village LVL 2 + 3
    14 Where Pierre is, near the Abandoned Deadzone
    15 Down the road from paradise there is a building that is located in the middle of a fork in the sideroad that leads to the back of the James Nisira's Bungalow area LVL 1
    16 Where the car is parked on the road there is another car to the right that is flipped on its side, it's behind that car
    17 At Kiwi Camping by the repair station
    18,19,86 Also at Kiwi Camping but at the other end. Inside a cage is a suicider, dispatch of him and they are in there and now have found another just outside the cage, under a desk LVL 3
    20,21 Yet again at Kiwi Camping by the front of 2 caravans
    22 Next to Kiwi Camping there is a dilapidated hut. It's in the back of that hut LVL 1
    23 In the hut at Makata Village, where you collect the cable for Zoey
    24 In Makata Village on top of the building closest to the Makata Village Bungalows (Deadzone) to get up you have to go around the back and use the fence to get on the roof
    25,26,27 Inside Makata Village Bungalows (Deadzone) LVL 1 + 2
    28 To the right of Makata Village, go where the dotted lines are on the map, it's in the cave
    29 Follow the path south from the cave and there is a hut, it's behind the hut
    30 Inside the Hoyahoya Bar LVL 2
    31 Inside the Abandoned Movie Set (Deadzone)
    32,33,34 Inside the Crossroads Bungalow (Deadzone)
    35 At Marik's Marina inside the building where the repair station is, by the waters edge LVL 2
    36 Next to the red building behind where you locate the boat LVL 2
    37 In the building with the Marik's Marina fast travel point LVL 2
    38,39 Inside the Lonely Cave at Marik's Marina LVL 3
    40 Marik's Marina Docks, near the warehouse that has the boat engine LVL 2
    41 Same area as #40 but the area has to accessed from dropping into it from the floor above and it's in the back of a jeep LVL 2
    42 Behind the Marik's Marina Warehouse , on the beach by the waters edge
    43,44 Inside the warehouse that housed the boat engine
    45,46 In the cave by the water near the Biosphere Lab LVL 3
    47 Where the repair station is, just south of the Biosphere Lab
    48 At the Moazik Shrine south of the Biosphere Lab LVL 3
    49 At the top of the watertower directly across from the Haili Village entrance
    50 In Haili head towards the waterfall from Marik's Marina, it's by a couple of rocks and a palm tree
    51,52,53,54,55) Inside the Deadzone where you saved Marcus LVL 2 + 2 + 3
    56,57 Inside Halai Village Safezone
    58 On the west side of the roof that the Movie Director was standing on
    59,60 Inside the Ocean View Bungalows (Deadzone) LVL 2
    61,62 Inside Marcus' Quest Deadzone
    63 Go down the passage that is north/east from Makata Village and it's located in that passageway. LVL 2
    64 From #63 there is another passage that will allow you to get on the island that is directly south from your position
    65 In one of the three caravans that are in the water near the road that leads to the Biosphere Labs
    66 Just north of Makata Village where the 2 squares are on the map LVL 1
    67,68 Inside the Dealers house just right of Hanging Joe LVL 2
    69,70 Inside Jimmy O'Neil's Cave (Deadzone) LVL 3
    71,72,73 Inside Peter Spicer's Shack (Deadzone) LVL 1 + 3
    74 At Kingston's Shack, where you rescued Tyler LVL 1
    75,76 Inside Oliver Wenge's Hideout (Deadzone) LVL 3
    77 Up top of the ladders, where you saved Megan. Just north of the Santa Maria Mission LVL 1
    78 Just north of #77 beside a half sunken car
    79,80,81 Santa Maria Mission
    82 At Marik's Marina inside the northern building accessed by the roof when acquiring the water pump LVL 2
    83,84 At the helicopter crash far north from the Santa Maria Mission LVL 2
    85 On an island with a campsite and a caravan that is just north of the Abandoned Deadzone that is East of Paradise Village LVL 1
    Biosphere Labs
    Case # Location
    1 In the shoulder of the minefield, before crossing the fallen tree
    2 Inside the building at the end of the minefield, protected by two mines
    3 Same as #2 but at the top of the ladder LVL 3
    4 When you leave the building climb the vine and it's at the top
    5 At the top of the first lab stairs, take the left path that leads around the side building
    6 Just inside the lab door
    7 Inside the area that Kessler lets you into, at the back end, in a cage LVL 1
    8 Same as #7 but just past the red ladder you have to climb up LVL 1
    9 On the second platform, behind the control panel on the left
    The Tunnels
    Case # Location
    1 When you get to the first crossroad, take a left
    2 Where the other two crossroad paths meet again
    3 In the room you had to climb up and drop into for the fuse. Through a crack in the wall
    4 Where you acquire the first sample for Kessler, once you climb down the ladder LVL 1
    5 Halfway down the path that leads to Kessler's second sample
    6 When you get to the big area where you have to climb down, turn left and jump the gap
    7 From #6 go down the ladder than up the stairs, and it's in the back of the caged area LVL 2
    8 In the big area inside the central structure one floor from the top
    9 Same as #8 just on the next floor down on the outside of the central structure LVL 1
    10 Where you place the second fuse, with a repair table nearby LVL 2
    11,12 After leaving the repair room go straight at the crossroad LVL 1
    13 In the second area where you have a gunfight with the smugglers, near where you enter from
    14 Same as #13 but at the other end of the room in the left corner
    15,16 In the room where you acquire the key from the smugglers to exit the tunnels LVL 2 + 3
    Ferry Terminal
    Case # Location
    1 Inside the workshop after you kill the first wrestler
    2,3 Inside the fenced off area between the tunnels and the ferry station LVL 2 + 3
    4 On the beach in the lifeguard tower LVL 2
    5 At the end of the first pier, behind a desk LVL 2
    6 Inside the warehouse on the dock LVL 1
    7 Looking at a billboard it's in the back of a blue car that is in the warehouse on the right LVL 3
    8 Inside the side area of the ferry station, in the room where you have to jump through the window opening
    9,10 Upstairs in the ferry station in two different rooms
    11 Across the room where the repair station is
    12 Inside fence of the ferry station
    13 Outer wall of the ferry control room
    14 Inside the ferry control room LVL 2
    Case # Location
    1 Before you leave the safe area at the docks
    2 Inside Henderson ferry station
    3 After crossing the bridge from the bank turn left and climb the ladder that leads to the repair station LVL 1
    4 From #3 go down the stairs and it's at the end of the alleyway LVL 2
    5 Inside the last building on the right just before walking into the water filled alleyways LVL 1
    6,7,8,9,10 Inside Frankie O'Hara's apartment (Deadzone) LVL 1 + 2 + 2
    11 In the open area next to Frankie O'Hara's apartment, near to where you saved Carlos
    12 When you leave the water section to go to the cinema roof, climb the stairs and turn right LVL 1
    13 By the repair station on the cinema roof
    14 At the other end of the cinema roof, down some stairs and it's under those stairs LVL 2
    15 Outside the cinema window on the ledge where you drop the ladder to the ground
    16 By the entrance to the Infected Basement (Deadzone) that is just west of the cinema
    17,18,19,20,21 Inside that infected basement from #16 LVL 1 + 1 + 1
    22 In the same area as #16 but a bit north, behind some plants to the left of a gate
    23 Go south from the cinema and it's by a fruit stand on the right
    24 Go west into the next area and head up the small stairs, it's on the right of a boarded up blue door LVL 2
    25 In the same area but at the other end, there is a room with a repair table and this case
    26 At the military bridge turn right instead of crossing it and it's behind a door you have to smash through
    27 Outside Geoffrey Nape's Warehouse (Deadzone)
    28,29,30,31,32 Inside Geoffrey Nape's Warehouse LVL 1 + 2
    33 In the green medical tent southwest in the military compound LVL 2
    34 At the top of a ladder, east of the fast travel point next to a modification blueprint LVL 1
    35 Inside the military fast travel tent LVL 3
    36,37,38,39,40 Inside the Infested Warehouse (Deadzone)
    41 East of the Infested Warehouse up top of a ladder where you saved Kyle LVL 1
    42,43,44,45,46 Inside Metzger Sloat's Hideout (Deadzone) LVL 1 + 2 + 3
    47 Near Metzger Sloat's Hideout (Deadzone) where you have to jump into the water section where the scaffolding is, at the top of the highest scaffold pointLVL 2
    48 In the path from the south of the cinema leading to the stage, there is a case hidden in the left wall of the alleyway LVL 1
    49 Behind the stage where you play Sam B's music as a distraction
    50 In the alleyway that is just east of Geoffrey Nape's Warehouse (Deadzone) Just north of the guy with the fish
    51 Where the Villa Henderson is, you have to climb a ladder. It's also where you save Eva
    52,53,54,55 Inside Dr J.J. Evan's Clinic (Deadzone) LVL 1 + 1 + 3
    56,57,58,59,60 Inside the Infected House (Deadzone) LVL 1 + 2
    61 Behind the Australian Biological Institute barrier near the Makeshift Hospital
    62 Outside Ryan's house on the ground level
    63 Next to Ryan's door
    64 Under the stairs in Ryan's house
    65 In a bedroom, left from the stairs at Ryan's house LVL 2
    66 At the pharmacy just south from the Infested Depot (Deadzone)
    67,68,69,70,71 Inside the Infested Depot (Deadzone) LVL 1 + 1 + 2
    72,73,74,75,76 Inside Infested Storage (Deadzone) LVL 1 + 1 + 3
    77 Outside George Serero's Apartment (Deadzone) at the top of a ladder LVL 1
    78,79,80,81,82 Inside George Serero's Apartment (Deadzone) LVL 1 + 2 + 2
    83 On the western front where you saved Gianna there is a blue roof area, jump over the barrel to the right to access this one. LVL 1
    84 Where the two repair stations are, southeast from George Serero's Apartment (Deadzone) hidden behind a wall and some wooden scaffolding
    85 Same as #84 but by a repair station LVL 3
    86 Same as #84 But at the other repair station. In the basement, where you saved Nina
    87 In the market, just northeast of Sylvia's House
    88 Where Jorge buys Diamonds from you, southeast from Sylvia's House
    89 Beside Joel Chubalba's Motel (Deadzone) LVL 1
    90,91,92,93 Inside Joel Chubalba's Motel (Deadzone) LVL 1 + 2
    94 From the Motel "Safe Haven" (Deadzone) go up the stairs and it's on the right LVL 1
    95 A little south of Motel "Safe Haven" (Deadzone) LVL 1
    96,97,98,99,100,101 Inside Motel "Safe Haven" (Deadzone) LVL 1 + 1 + 2
    102 North side of the Sea Market
    103 Inside the Sea Market repair station, up the ladder
    104 On the Sea Market Roof LVL 1
    105 Just east of the Sea Market at the bottom of some dry stairs in a wagon cart
    106 In the water just south from #105 behind some boxes
    107 Down on the southern front in the water but just before some land there is a ladder on some wooden scaffolding LVL 1
    108 At the northeast end of the water path there is a ladder, climb up and take a left it's inside Owen's Shop
    109 Just north of Owen's Shop up the top of a ladder LVL 1
    110 Follow the roof north from #109 and it's on some wooden scaffolding LVL 1
    111 From #110 Climb down the ladder and head toward the quarantined section, it's in where the repair station is
    112 Just northeast of the Infested Apartment (Deadzone) Where the brown section is on the map LVL 1
    113 Inside Rodrigo's shop that is east of the Infested Apartments (Deadzone)
    114 Just south of the Infested Apartments (Deadzone)
    115,116,117,118,119 Inside the Infested Apartments (Deadzone) LVL 1 + 1
    120 Out in the south water path where the building is by itself on the map LVL 3
    121 In the alleyway just above Ogio Moke's Laundry (Deadzone)
    122,123,124,125 Inside Ogio Moke's Laundry (Deadzone) LVL 1 + 2 + 2
    126 Where you saved Xavier just behind Ogio Moke's Laundry (Deadzone)
    127 At the end of an alley on the west side of Ogio Moke's Laundry (Deadzone)
    128 In Sylvia's house under the stairs LVL 1
    129 Inside Sylvia's bedroom LVL 2
    130 At the bottom of the stairs just north of the water path to a deadend, at the southern end of the map
    131 At the final part before the Fort up a ladder on the side of the building LVL 2
    Fort Henderson
    Case # Location
    1 In the crashed helicopter LVL 3
    2 In one of the rooms you have to pass through to reach the pilot on the right hand side on the floor
    3 In the next passage is a hallway with a couple of rooms on the right you can access it's in the first room
    4 Same as #3 but it's in the last room on the right
    5 In another hallway there are rooms on the left it's in the first room by the toilet
    Quarantine Zone
    Case # Location
    1 At the repair station where the bulldozer exploded LVL 2
    2 At the bottom of the stairs hang a right into the small alleyway and it's in the last shop on the righthand side, just behind "Nick's House"
    3 Straight from the bottom of the first stairs you will notice a lower section one that you can't jump into. the case is on the scaffolding to the right NOTE THIS CASE IS UNOBTAINABLE I even managed to get into that area by killing myself with the M72 LAW to soon realize that I couldn't get onto the platform where the case is and then realized I had to quit as I was stuck in the lower area.
    4 Once you climb over the bins to reach the next section, but before climbing the ramp it's at the bottom of the ramp LVL 3
    5 In the area with the medical tents near the fire LVL 3

    The Docks
    Case # Location
    1 Underneath the stairs, when you first get in there
    2 When you walk over the cage door, it's on the right on the floor
    3 As you are twisting your way through the cells it's on a table to your left, before the repair station
    4 In the first area where the zombies burst through the doors with a screamer
    5 In the area with the repair station just before the zombies burst through the second doors with a ram
    6 Down the end of the corridor that the ram was in and take a right at the end
    7 On the staircase you have to drop down into
    8 There is a corridor where you fight a wrestler just before the elevator, look for another passage going from the left. There is a repair station next to it
    9 In the room with the boat pass through the water under the boat and it's in the left hand corner
    I hope this helps you out, Enjoy and feel free to troll me if there are any mistakes or if I have missed some, but if you do, back it up!
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    Whoa whoa man this is an awesome list!! I only managed to find one level 3 box on my own which ticked me off since I have three points invested in that talent.

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    I have finally finished putting this list together and it should be complete, but if not please inform me as to which one/s I have missed. Thanks guys

    Should I provide a video of the unobtainable case?

    This has made the front page of a Google search, I don't think anysite but this one has a list like this, so this should bring a few new faces to the site over time


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    GDT WOW thats some list you made here…GEEEEZ thats a ton of work too nice job and dedication

    It is time for me to go underground

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