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Morbid Helpful Tips

This is a discussion on Morbid Helpful Tips within the Dead Nation forum, part of the D; Hey guys, Im going to do my run through on morbid soon and i was wondering if you can help ...

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    Morbid Helpful Tips

    Hey guys,

    Im going to do my run through on morbid soon and i was wondering if you can help me ( those who have played )
    and for future people.

    I have noticed some levels can be 'cheated' and you can just run like hell to the checkpoint/finish and save dying a trillion times.

    does anyone wanna help me make a list ??

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    Really, its all about weapons and armor upgrades. With armor, agility is your best friend. You will need to get out of dodge quite a bit and on morbid, strength will not help you. With weapons, it depends on your playing style, but I didn't even bother buying the SMG. The three weapons I focused on were the shotgun, the shocker and the launcher while falling back on the rifle. The shocker is useless unless its power and range are fully upgraded so do that with time. You will also want to maximize your flares and mines as soon as possible. Also, go slow and don't rush into things. Always have a game plan on how you want to dispatch the next batch of enemies.
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