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Hardcore Help

This is a discussion on Hardcore Help within the Dead Space 2 forum, part of the D; The line gun is probably the best gun to use. It's alt fire comes in handy alot. But I would ...

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    The line gun is probably the best gun to use. It's alt fire comes in handy alot. But I would really recommend watching Crashdown96's hardcore walkthrough on YouTube it has alot of awesome tips that make hardcore alot easier.

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    I can't remember exactly what I did on my other account but I'm pretty sure I used the Plasma Cutter/Force Gun the whole game and carried around the contact beam for ammo drops. No other weapons are needed. I used my saves on chapters 6, 10, 13. I upgraded health on the rig before I ever upgraded any gun. After that, start on the plasma cutter but leave the other two alone (I didn't use the contact beam at all and only had to pull out the force gun once or twice when stuff got hairy). I always carried 2 large med kits and at least 3-4 med ones. Other than that though, just move slowly and don't get ahead of yourself. It's not nearly as tough as it seems. (Though the flying through space part was frickin nerve racking.)

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