As expected, Bethesda and Arkane Studios have announced a new chapter for additional Dishonored - The kings of Dunwall.
Who Dishonored: played The Mask of anger, can certainly remember Daud, the legendary assassin who brings the ball rolling in the game.With the new DLC this fateful moment you can relive - the epic new add-on The Knife of Dunwall.

New forces, weapons and equipment - The Sign of the Outsiders gives you unique supernatural abilities.Get "summon Assassin" with the whalers in battle as a support, you feel on "A View to nowhere" hidden runes and bone artifacts and learn how to use new versions of forces, such as by "Teleport".To assist you in your dangerous undertakings, your includes weapons and equipment arsenal called Würgestaub, which allows you to put your enemies momentarily out of action, and operated with whale oil stun mines miss your destinations electric shocks, and the Carpallista, a hidden crossbow on back of the hand with which you can fire stun and explosive bolts.
Explore new parts of Dunwall-Traverse. Judicial district and penetrate into the deer-slaughter house, a factory full of dead whales and related FleischerReturn to the dilapidated Flooded District, where Daud's hidden refuge is that you is already known from the main game.Experience the most important events of Dishonored from a new perspective, as well as the fateful moment when Corvos adventure takes its course.
Go your own way - Play on your personal style Whether you are in search of answers each mission redemption or turn to the dark, depends on your abilities and decisions.Find out in this chapter of its own, what is behind Delilah, and finally experience the end of Daoud's story in the forthcoming and final add-on Brigmore The Witches.