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Demo discussion

This is a discussion on Demo discussion within the Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two forum, part of the D; So the demo was released this week. Anyone tried it out yet? I played it last night. The demo takes ...

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    Demo discussion

    So the demo was released this week. Anyone tried it out yet? I played it last night. The demo takes about half an hour to play and you essentially go from the beginning of the game to the first checkpoint.

    My thoughts:
    - The voice acting is good. I never played the 1st one (available only on Wii), but my brother has it and it didn't have any spoken dialogue.
    - Controls are fine. You have a target box to aim your paint and thinner, which you control with your right joystick (it also more or less controls the camera). It took a little while to get used to because I like inverted Y. The demo didn't allow me to change this, and I'm not sure if the full game will.
    - Using the move is an option which may help with the camera and target control, and I think that might be more intuitive, although I did not try it on my playthrough.
    - Did not try co-op (the AI controls Oswald the Lucky Rabbit if you don't have anyone), but it seems like it would be fun because you have to work together at some parts. I don't know how convenient the camera will be if you have two people playing, or if it does splitscreen.
    - I got a little frustrated at a few parts because I didn't really know what to do. For example, there was this mini boss to fight at the end and I had no idea how to defeat him until I eventually stumbled on it. After a while though, you probably get used to it. The beginning part is mostly linear but my understanding is that as a whole it encourages some exploration.
    - Graphics are fantastic.
    - The opening cutscene is pretty cool, it even has a music number sung by the bad guy! It's pretty funny.

    Anyway, I will not be getting this at release date because of the price but it certainly looks like it could be a worthy pick-up at some point.
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    I played on this as well and I quite enjoyed this demo it was fun to play. I won't be picking up brand new. I'll wait until it's cheaper to buy this. I was going to get the first one for the wii but I never got round to it. Too bad it wasn't released on the other platforms.
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