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The Official Platinum Difficulty Discussion Thread

This is a discussion on The Official Platinum Difficulty Discussion Thread within the Dragon Age: Origins forum, part of the D; Yay! my first Platinum difficulty thread! popping so many cherries for myself in last few weeks thanks to this site... ...

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    Yay! my first Platinum difficulty thread! popping so many cherries for myself in last few weeks thanks to this site...

    Back on topic...

    I say Moderate based on the fact I plunked over 150 hours into this game combined. I realized all too late of the patch bug on blight queller, and had to farm up the darkspawn with no idea where I stood. Overall first RPG for PS3 and I can't complain. Great game and world to get lost in. Looking forward to playing DA 2, despite the so so reviews I've heard.
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    Dragon Age Origins requires experience, nothing more. Unfortunately I didn't have this and it actually took me about 50 hours and several attempts till I got satisfied with the game. Then it was fun and easy. I started as a warrior and didn't know that - my personal opinion - this character really sucks to have as a main character that you want to control all the time; boring to play and not good for killing a lot of people in little time (unlike mages and rogues). Then I played circle tower last after Orzammar, Brecilian Forest and Redcliffe; not aware that it holds the only real healer (unless you make Morrigan one) and so I had turn difficulty down to easy early. Also I wasn't aware of the concept of a tank and the general relationship between the members that makes up a good party because I didn't play similar games before.

    When I got the hang of it Dragon Age started to be a lot of fun. I finally played the game with an arcane warrior/blood mage character and on normal could almost rush through the game alone. That was the playthrough I grabbed most trophies in. There are no difficult trophies when you know what you're doing. I also finished Awakening with that character but it was too easy with a lvl +25 mage, it just kicks too much ass. Then I started another playthrough with a rogue. My goal was to play the game solo (after I read a bit of information on the class) and for most of the game I stayed on nightmare difficulty as it was really easy having the right equipment and just pumping dexterity continuously. Yesterday evening I finished the last two DLCs Golems of Amgarrak and Witch Hunt with that character on nightmare (without turning difficulty down once). Level 35 with 179 dexterity (including boni), all dual wield talents and assassin/shadow/legionnaire scout specialization just makes this a cakewalk, even the harvester.

    I put approximately 200 hours into this game, never wanted to be quick but to enjoy every aspect of the game and I'm a bit sad it's finally over. Most trophies came by naturally, Blight Queller early during the solo rogue one and traveler by itself as well; not a challenge if you're trying to grab all side quests anyway.

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    Moderate. The game had many misable trophies and required several play throughs. I found the game more annoying than fun and ther cut scenes could have used some work.

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