I'm currently playing the Awakening expansion with the Ultimate Edition. I'm just pass the first part, where I can buy and sell to the merchant, as well as equip runes. Anyone who's played the game knows that the party at this point consists of the main characters, Anders and Oghren. Oghren is a warrior, who specialises in two-handed weaponry (strong weapon that uses both hands to handle). I'm not sure of the weapon I have equipped on him, but the stats are better than the weapon I'm asking about. Since I'm not equipping the weapon (The Reaper's Cudgel) should I sell it? It would get me 400+ gold. I'm not sure if I really need that much gold. Since I imported my warden over from the main story, I started Awakening with 400+ gold. It's since gone down to 200+ after I purchased some pointless stuff. Anyway, will I need the weapon in the future, say for an additional warrior character, or should I sell it?

Another question I have is this: now that I am where I am (the main hall of the keep), will I be able to explore the areas I was previously at where I was fendin off darkspawn? I ask because my inventory was full for the most part so I had to leave behind a LOT of loot. Can I get back to that previous area, and if so, will my loot still be there?