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Driver: San Francisco User Review

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    Driver: San Francisco User Review

    Driver: San Francisco (PS3)
    Developed by: Ubisoft Reflections
    Published by: Ubisoft
    Review by: Daniel Q. Silver

    Reflections has been working on this title for a long time, and when you play it youíll notice that reflections can actually make a very good game when given the right amount of time.

    The previous titles in the series, excluding Driver 1 and Driver 4: Parallel Lines the Development studio has been thrown around by different Publishers to develop a game as fast as possible.
    Driver 2 and 3 were terrible, yes you could get out of your car and do weird stuff, but it was terrible, buggy and just plain stupid.

    For the Presentation, the Game is presented like a movie, with the chase music and the epic cutscenes and everything, and when you install (D=) the game you hear a neat soundtrack that makes you really, really want to play it. You notice immediately when you start the first time that Reflections weren't joking around with this title, I just wanted to hear the theme of the Installation screen on the Start Screen, but instead you get nothing, no music at all. it features Branded cars though, a neat feature.

    9.0 Amazing

    The Story is not the best Iíve ever seen, the leading character gets into a coma and dreams that he is sort of a god that can control people, he uses this Ďípoweríí to do good things like chase bad guys, rescue civilians, sort out problems like kidnappings and win races. The story starts of good, then it drags just a little bit too much and then near the ending it gets intense, I was amazed with what they pulled off. there is a possibility that you get bored half way the game, but please finish it, itís really good, also itís not that long.

    7.5 Acceptable

    The Gameplay is great, the game runs very smooth, the cars control very well and itís just a lot of fun! the gameplay doesnít get boring very fast and thereís lots to do, itís no Burnout: Paradise (what I was actually hoping for, but already knew it wasnít) but the game offers enough content.

    9.0 Awesome

    The Graphics are astounding, mostly. ofcourse the cutscenes are pre rendered, which means, for people that donít know what pre render means that they took a computer and made it animate the cutscenes outside the game engine. they pre rendered a lot of content really, but thereís a big chance you wonít even notice, because it doesnít stop to load every time a cutscene starts. which keeps you from falling out of the experience and enjoy it. also the facial animation is amazing.

    sometimes the game becomes unstable, but itís really nothing more then other games.

    9.0 Awesome

    The Sound in Driver 5 is great, it features Great voice work, the characters are well portrait! the cars sound like they should, better than Gran Turismo 5 did when it came out, and the music, which is a typical carchase soundtrack, fits amazingly well with the experience.

    9.5 Amazing

    your going to have a lot of fun with this title, itís one of those games you just have to pick up. itís Driver 5 for god sake, who doesnít wanna have that?

    9.0 Awesome

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    I guess we have time to write a review but not enough time to proofread? Anyway, I mostly agree with your review after just beating the game today. I loved it and I will push on to grab the platinum in the near future.

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