Hi guys!

I just got notice by DaveyHasselhoff that the Dungeon Defenders Trophy Guide was challenged, and that the challenge was accepted by the TGT team, because

The game has changed in terms of content (e.g., more/better weapons, pets, gear, maps) and the dynamics of the game have changed (e.g., higher level caps) as well. There are far easier/better ways to acquire some of the trophies and the strategies for the maps can be tailored to revolve more around the new content. These things have made the existing guide vastly outdated given the current state of the game.
Now, quickly looking over the guide and its trophy description, nothing immediate jumps out at me for the base game (sans DLC).

Yes, the level cap is much higher, you have more gear pages, can have more money, but the basic guide is still valid, imho.

Where do you think the guide could be improved (rather than have somebody jump through hoops to rewrite the whole thing, which imho is not necessary)?

BTW: Keep in mind that you can't assume a player has the DLC for this guide, and secondly Acedude did the writing here, but he can't defend our guide at this time, so I have some catching up to do.

Let's make the guide better!