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From the EVE Universe: SpaceMonkey Alliance Director Steals over 600B+ ISK from own company

This is a discussion on From the EVE Universe: SpaceMonkey Alliance Director Steals over 600B+ ISK from own company within the Dust 514 forum, part of the D; Since both games are connected, One of the biggest Alliances just got Fucked over by a Logistics Director. The Current ...

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    From the EVE Universe: SpaceMonkey Alliance Director Steals over 600B+ ISK from own company

    Since both games are connected, One of the biggest Alliances just got Fucked over by a Logistics Director. The Current Estimate of money stolen is 600 Billion ISK, which makes this one of the biggest heists in the games history.

    Real life Money Estimate Stolen: $22,253 USD

    Heist! SMA Robbed for 600+ Billion | THE MITTANI dot com

    Today it was revealed that Alisonia, a high ranking logistics member of SpaceMonkey’s Alliance (SMA), has stolen over 440B ISK of assest from the alliance over the period of a year: some estimates put the haul at over 600bisk. This culminated today in a final haul worth over 200b ISK. The haul included 1.5m units of technetium, nearly half a million units of neodymium, 1500+ BPO’s/BPC’s, assorted cap ships, and 35b from the alliance wallet. If these figures are correct, this would make it one of the largest thefts in Eve’s history.


    The news first appeared when a pastebin was released by Alisonia explaining the theft and the reasons behind it:

    Good Morning/ Good Evening .

    You will more then likely find shortly that SMA has had a good chunk of its assets stolen as of this moment.

    With that said I want to make one thing very clear, the website and the server have not been touched by me in anyway that would harm the server or the services running on the server. The server and sites are not part of the game and are someones REAL property not game property and I have done nothing to compromise or leak any personal information. I also did not go to NC., Nulli, PL or any one else to help or provide any server details logins or anything to anyone. I never EVER leaked one ounce of information to any alliances or entities at any point in my time with SMA. You can take that for what its worth however, again those items are not related to the game, therefore they do not fall under the free for all that is considered Eve Online and I would not harm (irl) personal property!!!

    The game however, is a different story in fact this sort of thing is encouraged in Eve Online

    The many many hours/days I spent moving ihubs, upgrades, 12 hours moving ice, towers and needless days spent on establishing SMA in branch and eve was real time spent setting up infrastructure. Many of you will attest the countless hours I spent on getting a new website up and all the other odds and ends I did time and time again. The was almost 2 years in the making and I spent many nights 10 -12 hours doing work for SMA and its member base.

    You will also find no entity or Alliance/Coalition taking credit for this either. This was done alone single handed. In fact I had teased my brother about it but I dont think even he thought I would do it.

    At some point I realize that my work meant nothing really and the work I had placed into the alliance/game had got me no where. Yeah, I was an alliance director(council) that was cool but I was spending needless hours on something that was pointing SMA into the direction of NOWHERE and along the way I was getting more bored with the monogamy of it all.

    As of this moment in SMA it is a carebear alliance lead by a disorganized and afk leadership that can't name things let alone run an Alliance.

    The corps are allowed to run basically around in circles till they do one of a couple things:

    * Learn they can get away with about almost anything and carebear it up while the fresh blood and the older vested members keeping SMA looking good doing op grinds.

    * Come in realize SMA is heading nowhere and leave (OBC, .D4RK, parts of K8B etc ...)

    * Be listed as a tyrant and be basically pushed or kicked out (MPX, 0I)

    These are a few of the many things I could list as to what went on.

    Before the plan to take SMA for whatever I could came about, I worked as hard as I could to make everyone happy hoping in that the members would have fun and leadership would somehow change . The leadership MINUS a few officers (llama, Winet, Kujo,VK a couple more) and a couple council members are for the most part are an afk leadership. A leadership (council) that sits a far off trying to tell the officers who really run the alliance how to do things. All the while burning out and boring out ever one of them.

    Anyway, a couple times I thought previous council members were going to get to the goods before I did, considering 5-6 members have left or been asked to leave. To name a few (FrFrmPukin,Sab,Cypher,Alljump,Xiao Rui and now me).

    One did attempt to but failed due to mis-planning. (This is for You Baby!)

    So after about a year and a half this idea came to me to steal as much in assets as I could. At first I only stole small amounts of assets to test the waters. Eventually leading to stealing Tech, capital ships and more. If I had to guess 200Bish since I started. I want to go through my logs and figure it maybe more. I mean why steal it in a bulk (one-time) when you can milk the cow . I eventually got bored of even this and decided as of last night to do what I had just joked about doing for a year.

    Tonight I stole about 220B+ worth of assets, this on top of what I had already taken . The total comes to around 440B in assets.

    Most of this was in tech that was being held by the alliance since OTEC forbids you selling it in large quantities. I also got a good bit of neo, BPO's and about 35B in actual isk. I could have more in assets however, I have yet to price researched BPOs and have yet to go through about 1500+ BPCs and BPOs. Ill try to get more official number at later time . I also took some video of the moving of the assets through the night and after I sift through about 40GB worth of video Ill upload it with a more official final number.

    Ohh and sue me I cant spell and Im not a writer.


    After this post occurred, I managed to get an interview with Oerlikon Llama, Head Diplomat for SMA about the incident and the future for SMA after this theft:


    Spacemonkey's Alliance [SMA] is confirming today that one of it's Alliance Directors and a real-life friend of the brothers that run SMA executed a plan to rip off the alliance. Alisonia spent more than a year growing SMA and, for all appearances, executed a long planned theft.

    In real life he is a dedicated IT specialist and helped SMA set up their IT backbone. In addition to helping with real life work and other meet-ups, he became friends with the brothers and other leadership in SMA. A few months ago he was promoted to Director for his service providing not only IT but in-game help without ever asking for compensation or a position. This was a betrayal of trust, not of data or pixels. We have been told that he will be quitting EVE and that he "wanted to go out with a bang".

    Alisonia is also known by the following alts: EX Loft, Quandion, OwnStar, Hiraju, Soliqe Saravus, Stringer Belle, and Maciek Caldari.

    To answer some of the accusations listed in Alisonia's statement:

    - SMA corporations are recruited to have a blend of PVP and the ability to finance that PVP. We believe in empowering and lifting up the leadership of those Corporations to solve their own problems and create their own content while enjoying the benefits of the null-sec infrastructure that SMA puts up. While this sometimes doesn't work (some corps want to be spoon-fed their content) in many cases it does work and those corps tend to do well and show up to fight and to build. This is what enabled us to provide a lot of infrastructure, ships, and personnel in the Tribute campaign.

    - While some Corporations fly, others fall. We don't begrudge them for it. We'd prefer that the game we love stays a game and not a job. We don't want people to burn out. We have regular get-togethers of CEOs and corporate leadership with our Directors and we open-forum problems and issues to help them grow. Some grow, some don't.

    - "Tyrants" generally come in the form of people that want to see an SMA that is more like those that would see us fail. They hurf and they blurf and they try to blow the house down. In a few cases, they try to steal the house right out from under themselves. And yet, we're still here.

    - We've been accused of AFK leadership a lot. Many of the Directors and Officers that run SMA have real life jobs. In the last month our entire leadership has been online together for meetings weekly, we've roamed together for fun (and trashed a ROGUE camp in our home system in the process - We meet regularly with the leadership of our corporations and chat daily from our real-life jobs. We're not AFK.

    SMA has been accused in many forums of being "bad at EVE", having "AFK leadership", and not promoting the kind of null-sec experience that many believe we should. We're sure those same people will take this as evidence that they were correct. The truth is this: we're a group of gamers that grew fast, learned on the fly, made mistakes both in psychology and organization, and live to tell the tale. The scars you keep are the ones that remind you of how you got them and, as we've seen posted about us many times, we will stand up straight, put one foot in front of the other, and learn.

    We have supported the CFC in all of their fights. We show up to help our neighbors and we will continue to do so as they have shown up for us.

    Targie McRed > so first question is, when was the first you heard about the theft having happened?

    Oerlikon Llama > I logged onto our Skype and Jabber this morning and was told. It seems most of our leadership discovered it early this morning.

    Targie McRed > this was before the pastebin release?

    Oerlikon Llama > one of our other directors noticed the thefts occurring in progress.
    He then tried to convo Alisonia, who didn't respond.
    They then got on the phone to our leadership. Around 6AM Pacific daylight time.
    About 10 minutes after the theft was suspected the roles were pulled.
    We responded pretty quickly and informed the CFC and the rest of our leadership.
    We then mobilized our avalible membership as we also lost our ice and pi

    Targie McRed > ok and had them stop him removing more items?

    Oerlikon Llama > Yes. He was attempting to empty POS silos and we had people trying to bubble him in progress.

    Targie McRed > and as of this moment, i see he is still in SMA. Has he been contained or is he still looting?

    Oerlikon Llama > He’s been contained, but since he had director rights there’s a stasis period before he is removed.

    Targie McRed > ahh ok, thank you. As of this moment, how much (either item wise or estimated isk value) do you beleive has been stolen by Alisonia?

    Oerlikon Llama > We don’t know yet. But the rough estimate is north of 600 billion

    Targie McRed > Ok. So my next question would be how did you miss him stealing, as he said, over 200+b worth of stuff before today?

    Oerlikon Llama > the short answer, we’re finding out, is that since he had access to our spreadsheet, he basically fudged the numbers in his favour a little at a time.

    Targie McRed > Ok, i see. So after this theft, which is guess was a lartge amount of the alliances projected income, what is next for SMA?

    Oerlikon Llama > Well, to be honest, this is a bit of a shock as Alisonia was a RL friend.
    But, when thefts like this happen, it's a rallying call.
    We're not going anywhere. Our fellow Alliances in the CFC have offered help and we are taking it.
    SMA has been knocked down many times.
    We've gotten up every time and this time is no different

    Targie McRed > thank you very much for the interview.

    After this interview, I managed to grab an interview with Alisonia, the perpetrator of the theft:


    Targie McRed > firstly, you mention that you had been 'milking the cow' for some time. how long a time frame was this?

    Alisonia > I started little less then a year ago, this is when I started and starting thinking about what I could do but I had been with SMA a year befor that

    Alisonia > So about 2 years total with SMA start to finish

    Targie McRed > and you had been stealing all that time?

    Alisonia > I didnt start stealing till a year into it. Mostly because to be honest it was not my orginal intention.

    Targie McRed > ok

    Targie McRed > you also mention that someone before you had tried to steal everything but planned poorly? what was this event, and who was it?

    Alisonia > He tried more to hand over soverenty to PL, this person was Xiao Rui also known as EX Roo. The way he did it was went to PL leaders and told them of the plan to hand over space to them, however weeks before he had told SMA he was on break and we had

    Alisonia > stripped roles from him. PL also leaked the coo on pastebin

    Targie McRed > so the main question is, whats next for you? current estimates from SMA put your haul at around 600b+ isk, any idea what you're going to do with it?

    Alisonia > He had planned to come back from hi break regain his roles but as I said the coo was leaked by PL leadership

    Alisonia > Honeslty , I will probably solo it for a little while buy me another titan. I have had some offers from some ex SMA guys and other alliance I want to look into. The most fun right now would be to try all over again but do it in a shorter amount of time.

    Targie McRed > haha, awesome, anything you wan't to say before we finish?

    Alisonia > This opened me to the more sneaky side of eve and I am enjoying more then sov grinding

    Alisonia > I don't acctually was a good ride

    Targie McRed > no regrets?

    Alisonia > Yeah the only regret was one of the contract about 36B was a good friend and I may see the money return to him. Other then that none at all

    Targie McRed > well thank you very much and fly safe o/

    Alisonia > You as well anytime o/
    It has been a terrible day for SMA, losing not just a logistics director and friend, but a sizable amount of alliance income and assets. This theft has already been felt on the markets, with Alisonia’s initial dump of tech crashing the price in Jita significantly.

    Alisonia also mentioned to me that he had filmed the entire heist today, and will be uploading the video soon. As soon as I get it, I will make sure to get it to you guys as quickly as possible.

    I would like to thank Eingang for helping me contact people in SMA, and of course both Alisonia and Oerlikon Llama for the interviews.

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    And he's going to keep playing and buy himself shit with all that, instead of getting over 20 grand? Holy crap, I'm going bananas just thinking about what I'd do with that money and he's just thinking about going solo for a while lol.

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    Reading this now what does afk mean ?
    Would like to thank Google and snipping tool for my amazing sig + avatar


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    Quote Originally Posted by UNCLEPAULIE View Post
    Reading this now what does afk mean ?
    PC Gamer speak for "Away from keyboard"

    aka he's currently not playing on the computer.

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