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Some tips on getting a G rank.*some spoilers*

This is a discussion on Some tips on getting a G rank.*some spoilers* within the El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron forum, part of the E; I have noticed on several sites that alot of people need help with the G ranks. Not because of lack ...

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    Some tips on getting a G rank.*some spoilers*

    I have noticed on several sites that alot of people need help with the G ranks. Not because of lack of skill but because there is alot of confusion as to what you actually need to do to get a G rank. So I thought I would post a list that is a collection of info that way everyone doesn't have search around.
    NOTE there are some spoilers, but they are limited to boss names. I'm not including any story details.

    First thing to know is that you NEED the secret bonus to be max. It accounts for 85%(I did no real math on this, but it FEELS like it's that much) of your G rank score.

    Be sure to get ALL fruits of wisdom. If you don't then you will not get the max secret bonus.

    You need to steal from all enemies, from what I've seen you're allowed to miss one and still get the max bonus.Though Chapter 10 seems to be the exception and you need to steal from all.

    Obviously you cannot do any recovers or any continues. This also means no falling into holes because they count as an instant recover.
    To be perfectly honest how well you combat does not matter other than helping your score be higher. Generally just making it through the level without dying ,along with fighting everything, will make your score be enough.

    Speed doesn't matter as much as you'd think. Again the key thing is the secret bonus.I don't think you have to break everything, but it does help.

    Win the Watcher battles. I'm not 100% on this but I believe they count as a death if you lose.If nothing else they help pad your score.

    I don't believe you have to fight everything, there were one or two chapters where I skipped fights and still got my G rank.

    That about covers the requirements next I'll put up some basic tips on general combat(not bosses)and later some boss tips.

    When you've got an overboost charged do try to save it for hard battles or when you're about to die. Best example of a use is if you somehow get stuck with a Veil on chapter 10 and you're going into a battle with 2-3 Arch users.

    On hard, unless you are pure awesomeness at combat, I highly recommend never entering into a fight with the Veil equipped because it will cause cause Arch wielders to spawn =\

    On hard, unless it's a set battle, the enemies that spawn will always have weapons that your current is weak to.

    When using the Gale the safest option is to stay airborne and use the hold square attack,dash, then hold square again. This is generally the best option in any situation except for watcher fights simply because you never know when they'll do their "blocking" animation. Due to the multi-hit of the aerial attack they will knock you out of the air and beat you senseless.

    When using the Arch doing the aerial combo is the best way to rack up the point. The final hit of it gives the highest score. I've found the easiest way to deal with Gale enemies is run up and do the R1+square uppercut into aerial combo, just before the final hit(the high score one) hit R1+square again and continue that combo until they are knocked to the ground. As soon as you hit do another R1+square and repeat. Generally it only takes up to around 22 hits and the Gale user is ready for his weapon to be stolen. Best thing to do against Veil users is just the aerial combo.

    When using the Veil the R1+square combo is useful for stun locking enemies. Note that the first hit will NOT stun the arch wielders on chapter 10. The second hit usually will though. When fighting Arch users with a Veil the best thing is...good luck. But seriously though only thing that really worked best for me was jumping just above and doing an air combo. Usually it would stun them and the final hit would knock them down.Also when in a pinch try to block as much as possible because it will speed up the overboost charging.

    When Unarmed acquiring new weapons is usually pretty easy, however chapter 10 is,as usual, the exception to the rule. Generally I've found doing a single square attack into the guard break combo works best as it will stun most enemies.

    Now on to boss tips:
    A note on the watcher fights. Be sure to beat on them while they are down. Easy and quick damage with no penalty. The wave attack they do when they stand up only knocks you back, it deals no damage.
    Watcher Sariel:You can do several things with him, block almost everything with Veil and just hammer him when his open after each attack or, utilize the Arch and put a hurt on him. Basically just run around and get him to do his three bat orb attack then jump into the air on the third and hit him with the aerial combo.For the battle when you're unarmed in Chapter 9 same basic thing but I've found the highest damage and score attack is the dive kick(hold square in the air). The timing is jump into the air as he shoots the second bat then hit it. You should catch him right after he shoots the third and knock him down. just continue to beat on him until he gets up.
    Watcher Ezekial:Best thing is come in battle with a Veil. you can block ALL her attacks except for the one where she jumps into the air, and if you stay close to her she doesn't use it. Basically just block and as soon as she stops hitting you, unload on her. For the beginning of the fight where you have to use the Arch, just R1+X through her lightning storm and do the air combo on her.
    Watcher Azazel:Gale is the best thing here. Just launch the guard break attack, and when he goes to dash at you, dash out of the way. When that's unavailable try just running around dodging, and as soon as he finishes his attacks go in with any combo.
    Watcher Armoros:Veil is the way to go if you've got it because it can block all his attacks. For the unarmed fight do him like Sariel and try to catch him with the dive kick. You can actually "block" most of his orb attacks unarmed. I've noticed if you stay close to him he likes to do either his "block" animation or his attack combo. Just make him pay with a guard break combo, or if he combos, dodge out and wait for his spin finisher then go in for the kill.
    Silver/Gold Sarge: The Arch's juggle attack I listed above works great on them actually.
    Foola/Woola/Boola: Easy boss fight for sure. Just watch for the ground scratch twice and the squeal they do and jump out the way as soon as you see the red beneath them. Best weapon is the Arch and the aerial combo is the best damage dealer I've found.

    Fire Nephilim:Can use whatever weapon you want here, but I think the Gale is the best overall just because it can reach him when he's further out. This fight is very easy as long as you just pace it and pay attention to what he's doing.
    Nether Sariel:Get your hands on a Veil and never look back. You can guard all his attacks. Just try not to get caught by the first two hits of the bat geyser and you can block all of them. Since you'll be blocking alot you should get alot of use out of Uriel in this one.
    Nether Azazel:I personally use the Gale and just spam the guard break combo. As soon as he teleports in front to do his "this is Sparta" kick dash out. when he's doing his fireball move just jump up and do the hold square attack, dash, and do it again. You should be able to maneuver out of the way from all of them. I think you can block them all with the Veil as well.
    Nether Ezekial:First form use R1+X thru the lightning and do an air combo. as soon as you land jump and do another. R1+X back out and wait for the lightning to start coming back out. Then just do the same as before until she changes to part two with the fireballs. Try to get a Veil between (when her top half is floating around). When the ground lights up, do an R1+X away from her and continue blocking until she does the tail swipe. Try to get in two-three hits then do the blocking again. Do this until she switches again and this time try to get a Gale. In the ice form you can either do the air hold square attack, or the guard break combo on ground. Just watch out that you don't get blown back into the electric field. Just keep all this up and you'll take her down with minimum damage. Should be able to get a couple Over Boosts charged during this fight if needed.
    Dark Armoros:This fight I've found is all about the air combos as well. Whatever weapon you've got just beat on him and as soon as he starts shooting jump up and combo. The Veil can be used this way, or you can stay on the ground and block when needed.
    Battorile:Regardless of what it says, I've found it's easiest to just stick with the Gale and do the Guard break combo on him. Seems to tear through him pretty quickly.

    Dark Enoch:As Armoros dodge any attack then go in and do a combo up until the spinning attack. As soon as it starts change to a guard break. Just run over to him and continue doing this. If done correctly you can stun lock him until dead. Now as Enoch I just do the cheap air hold square attack with the Gale.

    And that's it. I'll see about getting the fruit of wisdom locations and post them on here in a bit if needed. Hope this helps!
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