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Liberation of Skyrim (Quest Glitch)

This is a discussion on Liberation of Skyrim (Quest Glitch) within the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, The forum, part of the E; Yea so I just finished the quest "Liberation of Skyrim" from the Stormcloak side of the war. I was sent ...

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    Liberation of Skyrim (Quest Glitch)

    Yea so I just finished the quest "Liberation of Skyrim" from the Stormcloak side of the war. I was sent to Whiterun to take it over and after defeating the Jarl of Whiterun into surrendering I was told to go back to Windhelm and report to Ulfric regarding the Whiterun Battle.

    Well, when I talk to him there is no dialogue to tell him how it went, nor does he even seem to have a clue the city was already taken, I go back to Whiterun and its swamped with stormcloak soldiers but Whiterun itself is no longer on my map and ceases to exist, The Jarl of Whiterun can still be found in his Quarters even.


    UPDATE: I managed to fix the problem, turns out since i got the elder scroll before the dragon at The throat of the world asked me too, so it screwed up my game tons.. for me the missions Alduin's Wall, Liberation of Skyrim, and the one that gives you Shadowmere were all stuck.

    Shadowmere would not spawn from the pond, but just bubble. Delphine would not show up at Alduin's Wall, thus screwing that too, and Ulfric didnt have proper dialogue..

    Turns out deleting patch 1.4 and redownloading it kickstarted EVERYTHING.. i went to the pond and Shadowmere was there!, went to Alduin's Wall and Delphine was there, Go see Ulfric and he's saying the right stuff.

    I recommend to anyone having problems with frozen quests to try this to unstuck them.
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